b'Geophysics in the SurveysNewsTable 2.Ground and airborne gravity surveys (Continued)SurveyClient ProjectContractor StartLine km/LineAreaEnd survey FinalLocality diagramGADDS releasename management survey no. ofspacing/(km2) data to(Preview)stations stationGAspacingPilbaraGSWA GA Sander23 Apr69 019 2500 m 170 041 18 Jun 2019 Final dataThe survey area is inExpected release Geophysics 2019 receivedthe Pilbara regionbefore the end of Aug 2019 in the northwest ofJun 2020Western Australia. Data acquired will be compiled into an update of the gravity anomaly map of Western AustraliaSE Lachlan GSNSW/ GA AtlasMay303.5 km3 regionalTraverses Jun 2019 Jul 2019 TBA Set for incorporation GSV Geophysics 2019 with 762traverses into the national stations database by Jun 2020TISA NTGS GA Atlas2 Jul5719 2 km31 285 Sep 2019 Nov 2019 See Figure 1 inEast Tennant portion Geophysics 2019 2km grid previous sectionreleased. Residual (GA News) for release May 2020TBA, to be advisedTable 3.Airborne electromagnetic surveysSurvey name Client ProjectContractor StartLine km SpacingAreaEndFinalLocalityGADDS releasemanagement flying AGL Dir (km2) flying data todiagram GA (Preview)EastGA GA SkyTEM 26 May13 723 Variable N/A 24 AugNovTBA eCAT releaseKimberley Australia 2017 2017 2017 http://pid.geoscience.gov.au/dataset/ga/130762Surat-Galilee GA GA SkyTEM 2 Jul4627 Variable Traverses 23 JulNov188: Jun Not for release until Basins QLD Australia 2017 2017 2017 2017 p. 21 Jun 2020Stuart GA GA SkyTEM 6 Jul9832 Variable Traverses 12 AugNov188: Jun eCAT releaseCorridor, NT Australia 2017 2017 2017 2017 p. 22 http://pid.geoscience.gov.au/dataset/ga/131098AusAEM2,GA GA CGGMay73 005 with20 km 1 074 500 ~ May~ Jun201: Aug72% complete. NT-WA Tempest 2019 areas of2020 2020 2019 p.16 Acquisition industrysuspended. infill Acquired portion will be released in Jun 2020Cobar GSNSW GA NRG Xcite 30 Sep6701 with2.5 and19 145 19 OctJan201: AugTBA2019 areas of5 km 2019 2020 2019 p.17industryinfillHoward East NTGS GA SkyTEM23 Jul2073.6 VariableTraverses 8 AugFebTBA eCAT release http://Australia 2017 to 100 m 2017 2018pid.geoscience.gov.au/dataset/ga/132400TBA, to be advisedTable 4.Magnetotelluric (MT) surveys Location State Survey name Total number of MT stationsSpacing Technique CommentsdeployedNorthernQld/NT Exploring for the367 stations deployed in 2018-19 50 km Long period MT The survey covers areas of NT and Qld. Australia FutureAusLAMP OngoingAusLAMP NSW AusLAMP NSW 270 stations deployed in 2018-19 50 km Long period MT Covering the state of NSW. OngoingNSWSoutheastVic/ SE Lachlan Deployment planned to~4 km AMT and BBMT ~160 sites in the Southeast LachlanLachlan NSW commence in Oct2020AusLAMP TAS TASKing Island MT 4 sites completed 20 km Long period MT Covering King Island. Acquisition completed.East Tennant NT East Tennant MT131 sites completed 1.5 AMT and BBMT Released10kmCloncurry QLDCloncurry200 stations have been acquired 2 kmAMT and BBMT Approximately 500 sites planned in the Extension northern Cloncurry. Data acquisition will be restarting in late Mar 2020. Spencer GulfSA Offshore marine12 stations completed 10 km BBMT This is a pilot project for marine MT surveyGA/GSSA/ MTUofA/AuScopeTBA, to be advisedAPRIL 2020 PREVIEW 16'