b'Branch newsASEG newsASEG Branch newsTasmania of a fizzle than a bang. The Branch had anticipated record numbers of members The Tasmanian Branch of the ASEG hadattending, as had been the case in prior a bumper week at the end of February,years. The turn out from ASEG Members with two technical talks a couple ofon this particular night was woeful. Im days apart. Dr Esmaeli Eshaghi gavestarting to wonder whether any hobby an insiders perspective on the earlyfarm will have enough horses for me to days of Canadas Metal Earth projectdecapitate. Interestingly, the last time on 25 February. The project is a C$104I witnessed so few people attend an million research initiative aimed atevening celebration was coincidentally improving metal resource discoveryat the premiere of the movie Freddy rates through better understanding,Got Fingered. Yes, I saw that movie. with an initial focus on ArcheanYes, I regret seeing it. And, yesI was volcano-sedimentary greenstoneGerrit Olivier at the start of his presentation probably smoking something fresh at belts. Esi showcased some major dataAn invitation to attend Tasmanianthe timebut in my defence, I did not acquisition and initial integrationBranch meetings is extended to all ASEGinhale. More or less.for 3D modelling across a range ofMembers and interested parties. When geophysical methods. There was aconditions return to normal Meetings willSo, onto Autumn, and Im wickedly lunchtime audience of some 25 ASEGusually be held in the CODES Conferencechuffed to inform our Members that Members and students. Room, University of Tasmania, Hobart.the Victorian Branch has not organised Meeting notices, details about venuesanything fun, entertaining nor Then, only just over 48 hours later, inand relevant contact details can be foundinformative for our ungrateful Members a joint meeting with the Geologicalon the Tasmanian Branch page on theto participate in over the coming months. Society of Australias Tasmania branch,ASEG website. As always, we encourageNothing. Nada. Zilch. Weve taken drastic Dr Gerrit Olivier of the Institute ofMembers to also keep an eye on thesteps to punish all our Members for their Mine Seismology delivered insightsseminar programme at the Universitylack of enthusiasm and dire support into the 2018 eruption of Kilaueaof Tasmania / CODES, which routinelyfor our Society. Weve cancelled the Volcano from ambient seismic noise.includes presentations of a geophysicalMelbourne Grand Prix. How do you like With depictions of dynamic magmaand computational nature as well as on athat? Not much, eh? How about we lock chamber and conduit developmentbroad range of earth sciences topics. the gates and prevent any of you from almost as spectacular as the eruptionsattending an AFL or NRL match either? they were driving on the surface,Mark Duffett Indefinitely. Worse yet, well force you this was a fascinating diversion fromtaspresident@aseg.org.au to remain isolated in your residence his more usual but no less insightfulfor two weeks until cabin fever sets in. application of seismic noise for imagingVictoria Coincidentally, the Australian Government and monitoring in mines. The number ofhas supported these extreme measures to GSA Members who accompanied GerritIt seems Ive invalidated Don Corleoneshelp slow the spread of the coronavirus to dinner afterwards was testamentlegendary line from the movie, Thepandemic. You too can help yourself by to the cross-disciplinary appeal of theGodfather, where he says Im gonnarefraining from licking too many rocks presentation. make him an offer he cant refuse.that you may find in the field. Leave Needless to say, both speakers wereApparently, the prospect of collectingyour alchemist ways behind! By the way, rewarded not just with audienceone million dollars by being voted theI would have proposed similar actions appreciation, but also a bottle from thebest presenter at a Victorian Branchto the committee in disciplining our SA Branchs excellent 2019 red wineTechnical Meeting night in 2020 holdsMembersas fallback.selection. no weight to the professionals in ourOn a serious note, the ASEG is very industry. Clearly, youre all being paidcommitted to your wellbeing, which far, far much more. A call to arms wasis why we have cancelled all technical launched at potential speakers earlymeeting nights for the next two to three in the year and the responses themonths. Fortuitously, we didnt manage committee received were collectivelyto find any presenters anyway. Take care akin to the sound of crickets chirping.out there, boys and girls. Know the facts Blasphemy! If I had sway with a hobbyabout the pandemic and look after one farm, youd all awaken in your beds toanother. Lastly, think about your health find a horses head lying next to you. and safety first before you attempt to Alright, enough about some of mywatch Freddy Got Fingered.favourite Godfather movie scenes. YourWhen the situation returns to normal Victorian Branch started 2020 with aVictorian Branch Meetings will generally bang, as we jointly hosted the annual,be held on the third Thursday of each not-to-be-missed Summer Social thatmonth from 17:30 in the Kelvin Club,ASEG Tasmania Branch secretary Matt Cracknellwas held at Henry and the Fox in mid- 1830 Melbourne Place, Melbourne. introduces Esmaeil Eshaghi. February. Sadly, the event was more 5 PREVIEW APRIL 2020'