b'PeopleNewsVale: Brian R Spies PhD FTSE FRSN (19492020)and Secretary-Treasurer (1996-97) withwent on to earn a Post-Graduate Diploma the award of SEG Life Membership inin Applied Geophysics from UNSW in 1996. 1972, supported by a Graduate Cadetship Brian was an author of many scholarlyfrom the Australian Bureau of Mineral papers on exploration geophysicsResources, where he undertook applied presented in journals and at internationalresearch throughout the 1970s with a conferences through his membershipsbroad range of geophysical techniques in of the ASEG, SEG, Environmental andthe Australian outback.Engineering Geophysical Society (EEGS),By the mid-1970s, Brian was presenting American Geophysical Union (AGU),his leading BMR geophysical field Society of Petrophysicists and Wellresearch at conferences and forums and Log Analysts (SPWLA) and Europeanin international journals including:Association of Geoscientists & EngineersTransient Electromagnetic field (EAGE). surveying using an innovative new Dr Brian Spies passed away in SydneyBrian grew up in Sydney, Australia,dual-loop configuration (Geophysics, on the 8th of February 2020, after awith a fondness for mineral collecting1975, 44, 1051-1057),courageous two-year battle with cancer. that surfaced at a young age. In highDerivation of absolute units in TEM Brian was one of Australias most eminentschool he manufactured thin sections ofscale modelling (Geophysics, 1976, 41, and visionary research explorationAustralian rocks in his fathers garage and1042-1047)geophysicists, an accomplished nationaldistributed them to local schools. BriansThe TEM method in Australia (BMR J. and international science leader,high school offered a strong geologyAust. Geol. Geophys, 1976, 1, 23-32)inspiring geoscience innovator, inventorcomponent in its science program, andAbsolute electromagnetic scale and research collaborator, scienceit was here that he was first exposed tomodelling and its use in interpretation mentor and advocate, and a greatgeophysics. of TEM response (BMR J. Aust, Geol. science educator. Brian gained a BSc from the UniversityGeophys, 1977, 2, 89-96)He remained an active geoscienceof New South Wales in 1971, double- In 1976, Brian received the first SEG collaborator and advocate formajoring in geology and physics, andFoundation scholarship given in the the importance of science in our modern society, with significant late-career contributions in the field of environmental and climate science, until a few months before he died.Brians geoscience career and his innovations and contributions to exploration geophysics, particularly as one of the pioneers of Transient Electromagnetics (TEM) as well as his contributions to other areas of science, have been brilliant and transformative.Brian joined the Australian Society of Exploration Geophysicists (ASEG) in 1970 and gave the strongest support to the Society over five decades including distinguished service as ASEG President in 1999-2000, using his position at that time as Director Cooperative Research Centre for Australian Mineral Exploration Technologies (CRCAMET) and his international expert standing in Transient Electromagnetics to promote Australias innovations and breakthroughs in the science of mineral exploration geophysics.Brian joined the Society of Exploration Geophysicists (SEG) in 1972 and was acknowledged for his outstanding service in many capacities, including Demonstrating electromagnetic prospecting equipment at BMR Open Day for High Schools, Canberra, a term as 1st Vice President (2003-04)Australia.APRIL 2020 PREVIEW 8'