b'PeopleNewsin science management, has producedInternational Conference on AirborneYet he is a zealot with humanity and ground-breaking conference proceedingsElectromagnetics (AEM 98): Explorationhumility; he approaches every job with and workshop publications that now formGeophysics, 29(1&2) 262pp an outrageous sense of humour and a core part of the industrys referenceThroughout his career Brian has earnedenthusiasm, and it is more important to works on electrical and electromagneticmany prestigious awards, workinghim to achieve the vision than to get credit.exploration geophysics. in research and management in theBrian leaves an extraordinary legacy Brian initiated and organised manyresources and energy sectors in Australiaofachievement beyond the science of specialist international workshops andand North America and across industry,exploration geophysics. His Australian conferences including: academia and government sectors. Heand international science partners, has also held numerous eminent boardfriends and colleagues all speak of Advances in Geoelectromagnetism forand senior management positions. him with the highest praise and with EAGE, 1999; reverence for his achievements and 3-D Visualisation for Mineral ExplorationBrian was particularly proud of thecontributions and hisinclusiveness Geophysics for ASEG, 1998; SEG Award of Life Membershipanand openness sharing new ideas and Future Trends in Mineral Exploration forexcerpt from the Citation for that Awardknowledge.ASEG, 1997; and followsEnvironmental Geophysics for SEG, 1993 Its been such a privilege to share To his colleagues, Brians name bringsfriendship, enthusiasm and passion for Brian was also Technical Program Co- to mind words like internationalism,our science with Brian.Chair and Organiser of the ASEG-SEGcollaboration, communication, hard work, Joint Conference 1988 and the SEGcommitment, and, most of all, zeal. Our deepest sympathies are with Brians Annual Meetings 1986, 1989, 1996. family and with all of Brians close friends.True leaders are zealots with the passion to Brian initiated, organised and chairedpursue a vision with unwavering purpose,Dr Ted Tyne the AEM 1998, in Sydney, also overseeingwith the commitment to invest untoldASEG President 2019-20 the compilation of the proceedingsahours when it seems no one else cares, andpresident@aseg.org.augreat reference work and in hindsight, awith a clarity of vision that later causes the visionary early initiative that continuesrest of us to wonder why it took us so longWith appreciation for contributions and to bring together the latest and bestto jump on the bandwagon. advice:international research and technicalBrian has been zealous in leading SEG toRoger Henderson, Chair ASEG History innovations in airborne electromagneticbecome a truly international society, toCommitteeprospecting: chart new directions with its publications, Spies, B., Fitterman, D., Holladay, S., andand most recently to embrace the age ofDr David Annetts ASEG President 2020-21Liu, G.(Eds), 1998, Proceedings of theelectronic communications. Dr John Baxter FTSE Hon FIEAust FSAEAAPRIL 2020 PREVIEW 12'