b'Presidents pieceASEG newsPresidents pieceThe international Special Editionof the Airborne Magnetometer and the Committee comprised Chair Markfirst anti-submarine and geophysical Lackie (Exploration Geophysics Editorsurveys operationsPeople, Places in Chief), Aaron Davis (CSIRO), Andersand Events 11001949 by Doug Vest Christiansen (Aarhus University,Morrison, well known to many of you Denmark), Andi Pfaffhuber (NGIas a frequent contributor to our Preview Norway) and Camilla Sorenson (SkyTEM,magazine. Ive had the pleasure of Denmark). The Committee handledreading the draft manuscriptits a reviews and revisions for the 17 papersunique journey of science, engineering submitted to Exploration Geophysics. and invention and a compelling story of Over 90 papers were presented overhow the measurement of magnetism has three days at AEM 2018, which followedinfluenced the history of the world. Youll I would like to take a moment toon from the successful 6th Internationalhear more about this great new book in acknowledge our collective sadnessWorkshop in AEM, previously held inthe coming months.at the news of the untimely passingSouth Africa. The Special Airborne EMWe are more than a year out from on 8 February of Dr Brian Spies, one ofIssue from AEM 2016, also organized byour next AIG-ASEG-PESA Australasian Australias most eminent and visionaryAaron Davis, appeared in ExplorationExploration Geoscience Conference in research exploration geophysicists, anGeophysics 2015 Vol 46, Issue 1. Brisbane - AEGC 2021and everything accomplished national and internationalis progressing well under the leadership science leader, inspiring geoscienceAaron Davis has provided an excellentof our joint Co-Chairs Rachel Kieft and innovator and inventor, researchintroduction to the outstanding mix ofEric Battig, and the professional support collaborator, science mentor and17 papers in this Special Issue. Thereof Arinex, the conference organiser for advocate and a great science educator. are some real highlights here for me,this event. A new website has just been Brian was a pioneer of transientincluding developments in modelling inlaunched; 2021.aegc.com.au I urge you to electromagnetics (TEM). He publishedthree dimensions, improvements in near- follow the announcements by signing up more than 40 scholarly papers insurface AEM resolution, and advances infor the mailing list and encourage all of geoscience journals and magazines,understanding and detection of inducedour ASEG Members to plan for and give many book chapters on explorationpolarization (IP) by todays airbornepriority to contributing strongly to our geophysics, and organized overEM systems. I particularly commend28th ASEG Geophysical Conference and 30 national and internationalthe paper on AusAEM; airborneExhibition.workshops on forefront research andelectromagnetic data collected on an application in exploration technology,unprecedented scale across the entireI am preparing this piece in mid-March environmental geophysics, and reservoirtop end of Australia. ahead of stepping down as President characterization. Uniquely, there areThere is a direct line of site from theand welcoming our incoming President 11 patents authored by Brian for therecent AEM 2018 and ExplorationDr David Annetts at our Annual General measurement and application ofGeophysics Vol 51 Issue 1 through theMeeting scheduled for 7 April. By the electromagnetic methods. He joined thehistory of airborne EM developmentstime you read this, we will have held a ASEG in 1970 and the SEG in 1972 andand global EM conferences to thesuccessful AGM, welcomed some great was active in both societies throughoutvery first International Conference onnew Federal office bearers to the cause, his career, including distinguished serviceAirborne Electromagnetics hostedcompleted some major initiatives for as ASEG President in 1999 and SEG 1stin 1998 in Australia. You wont beour Society and acknowledged the Vice President 2003. surprised when I tell you that Drcontributions of our high performing Brian Spies initiated, organized andFederal Executive team.Brian and I shared our undergraduate years at the University of New Southchaired the very successful AEM 1998,In the meantime, the impact of the global Wales, forging friendships with ourthe first AEM conference to be heldCOVID-19 pandemic in Australia and geophysics student cohort thatin Australia in his role as Director ofbeyond is evolving rapidly. The latest haveendured and connected overthe Australian Cooperative Researchrecommendations from Government thedecades. My deepest sympathies andCentre for Airborne Mineral ExplorationChief Medical Officers and the latest travel condolences are with Brians family. Technologies. These international AEMand community contact restrictions and workshops continue to bring togetherguidance that are being announced daily Our 50th Anniversary Year has kicked offthe latest and best internationalby the Prime Minister require our ASEG to a great start with the publication ofresearch and technical innovations inFederal and State leadership to act with Exploration Geophysics Vol 51 Issue 1.airborne electromagnetic prospecting.an abundance of caution and care for our Huge congratulations to Mark LackieIt seems appropriate that the nextMembers and for each other.as Exploration Geophysics Editor inInternational AEM Workshop will again Chief and to Aaron Davis, organizerbe hosted in Australia. For the first time in the history of our of this Special Airborne EM IssueSociety we will no longer be holding which presents 17 papers from the 7thAnother ASEG 50th Anniversary Yeara conventional face to face Annual International Workshop in Airbornespecial publication, some monthsGeneral Meeting in one of Australias Electromagnetics, AEM 2018, held inaway,is Measuring Terrestrialcapital cities. The ASEG Federal Denmark, June 2018. Magnetism - AHistory: The evolutionExecutive has taken the initiative to APRIL 2020 PREVIEW 2'