b'Branch newsASEG newsMeeting notices, addresses and relevantLastly, Sergey Fomels Australian andOn the same evening, award contact details can be found on theNew Zealand visits (Perth on 1 April) havepresentations were made for several Victorian Branch page of the ASEG website. been cancelled, as more travel bans havestudent prizes at the ANU Research Thong Huynhstarted to come into effect. However, VCSchool of Earth Sciences (RSES). vicsecretary@aseg.org.au presentations will be available (likely viaThe reactivated Australian Society Zoom), so we still expect a very goodof Exploration Geophysicists (ACT Western Australia series available down-under. Branch) Prize for Applied Geophysics When the situation returns to normal in WAwas awarded to Ms Madison Wait, Lisa Gavins presentation on anisotropymonthly technical meetings will generallywho is enrolled in the course Applied as SEG Pacific South Honorary Lecturerbe held on the second Wednesday ofGeophysics EMSC 3033.was a very big success in Perth, with 60each month and highlight topics withinIn light of the current situation, the ACT plus attendees, strong interest, and goodthe geophysical fields of petroleum,Branch AGM will be held after crowd end questions. Much appreciated by allmining, exploration, near-surface, andrestrictions are eased. Prior to this, a who attended at the Celtic Club on 12hydrogeology. Please refer to the Eventstechnical presentation will be given February. page on the ASEG website for details ofby Ms Rebecca McGirr, the successful upcoming presentations and events. candidate for the inaugural Dr Peter Todd Mojesky,Milligan Student Award for Geophysics wapresident@aseg.org.au 2019. Rebeccas talk entitled Mass Balance in Antarctica as Measured Australian Capital Territory by Satellite Gravimetry is based on her research that led to the award. The ACT Branchs first technical talkThis event is much anticipated at the of the year was held at GeoscienceBranch.Australia on 11March. Greg Street ofGrant Butler Loupe Geophysics presented a talk on aactpresident@aseg.org.auThe audience eagerly anticipating Lisa Gavins talkportable, time domain electromagnetic (Lisa Gavin is in the front row). (TDEM) sounding system. This is a lightweight system, fully contained inNew South WalesAnd many thanks to Partha Pratimtwo backpacks: the first backpack housesIn February, we held our AGM and Mandal, our Secretary, who addedan EM source, electronics and datathe usual suspects (Mark Lackie, and manned our booth at the Curtinstorage components, and is connectedSteph Kovach and Ben Patterson) University Orientation Week (Feb 17-21). by wire to a second backpack containingwere elected to the roles of President, the horizontal receiver loop. EachSecretary and Treasurer. Simon Williams backpack is said to weigh less than 12 kg(GBG), and Josh Valencic (GHD), were and makes for ergonomic surveying withelected as committee members. GBG two people walking over the survey areaAustralia was confirmed as Platinum at a steady speed. Transmitter waveformsSponsor for meetings for 2020.are programmable and switch off times are 10 microseconds or less with full time series recording and real time processing. Depths of penetration, depending on the subsurface conductivity are from 25-50 m. Field test results from waste disposal and mining sites were shown, including from within an underground shaft, which ASEG Booth at the Curtin University Orientationpoint to the versatility of the system.Week.Well, I tried something new, 12 March Technical Night was scheduled for two authors, both on TEM, but with complimentary technologies. It was alsoMike Smith, ASEG Honorary Member, chairing well-attended, although the second talkthe NSW AGM. Thanks to Mike for his exceptional had to be postponed at the last minutechairing skills.due to (COVID-19) travel bans, and will hopefully be scheduled for later this year.Also in February, Peter Haas (Institute for Andrew Duncan was able to expandGeosciences, Kiel University, Germany) his talk "Case Studies from LoupeNewpresented a talk entitled Satellite Technology in Portable TEM for Near- gravity data as an important tool to Surface Measurements", and a livelydecipher the lithospheric architecture of back-and-forth set of discussions ensuedsupercontinents. Peter talked us through about the evolution and development ofhow he developed a novel inversion, Loupes new portable self-designed andwhere satellite gravity gradient data engineered TEM. Greg Street presenting to the ACT Branch is inverted for crustal thickness under APRIL 2020 PREVIEW 6'