b'Geophysics in the surveysNewssame set of seven flight lines), will bedata and learnings from GCAS. ThisAcknowledgementsused to generate scaling coefficientsreport is expected to be complete in using the average radioelement2020. The GCAS project team gratefully concentrations from each aircraft toacknowledges the participation of scale the data to a set of referenceGeoscience Australia, CSIRO and the survey concentrations (one of theReference airborne geophysics suppliers and Whyalla concentration sets). This novelFoss C., G. Gouthas, A. Fabris, M.Werner,contractors to the GCAS, including procedure will remove the requirementL. Katona, M. Hutchens, and G. Reed.MagSpec Airborne Surveys Pty Ltd, to scale all surveys to the national2018. Gawler Craton AirborneSander Geophysics, Thomson Aviation reference datasetonly a shift will beGeophysical Survey Region 3B,Airborne Geophysical and Survey, GPX required to perform the final grid merge. TorrensEnhanced GeophysicalSurveys, Baigent Geosciences and Minty Imagery and Magnetic SourceGeophysics.GCAS Final Report DepthModels, Report BookKate Robertson, Stephan Thiel,2018/00038. Department forGeological Survey of South Australia A final project report will be releasedEnergy and Mining, South Australia,Laz Katona, Phil Heath and Gary Reed, that encapsulates all of the activities,Adelaide. philip.heath@sa.gov.auUpdate from the lithospheric architecture teamKate Robertson returned from anKate Robertson and Stephan Thiel oftransition from the Nackara Arc, extended visit to the United States inthe GSSA, along with Naser MeqbelFlinders Ranges, east into the part of February. A travel grant from the 34that the National Observatory of Brazilthe Delamerian Orogen mostly hidden IGCTravel Grant Scheme along withrecently published a paper in thebeneath sediments of the Murray Basin. internal funding from the Geologicalopen access journal, Earth, PlanetsApproximately 80 sites are planned for Survey of South Australia (GSSA) madeand Space. This paper, Quality overacquisition in a 120 km transect, with this trip possible. During her stay,quantity: on workflow and model1.5 km site spacing.Kate visited the SCRIPPS Institute ofspace exploration of 3D inversion ofTom Wise of GSSA has recently returned Oceanography in San Diego, to discussMT data investigates the intricacies offrom attending the Prospectors and future plans with the marine MT data3D modelling of MT data. Developers Association of Canada acquired in November 2019 across theSeismic tomography data are being(PDAC) in Toronto, Canada, where Spencer Gulf, South Australia. Kate then attended the AGU Fall Workshop in Sanacquired across the central-easternhe presented on South Australias Francisco to present some AusLAMPGawler Craton from April 2020 untilworld-class IOCGs: established and models across the Delamerian Orogen,mid-2021. The GSSA will employ Dremerging prospectivity. Tom also a collaborative geophysical modellingJohn Paul ODonnell for two years toattended the Deep Probing Seismics project with Geoscience Australia for theacquire and model this new dataset& Electromagnetics for Mineral MinEx drilling project in SA. co-located on the existing AusLAMPExploration workshop at Laurentian array across South Australia. This dataUniversity where he presented the Kate spent most of her time at thewill become a critical input to the ARCwork that he and Stephan Thiel have Lamont Doherty Earth ObservatoryLinkage project, Illuminating AusLAMP:recently published in open-access (LDEO), Columbia University in NewThermodynamics for mineral systemsjournal Geoscience Frontiers, Proterozoic York, applying a new 3D inversionwith research partners at University oftectonothermal processes imaged with code, Mare3DEM, to AusLAMP dataNew South Wales, Macquarie University,magnetotellurics and seismic reflection in South Australia. This new code willGeoscience Australia, and collaboratorsin southern Australia.enable modelling of marine and landat the Northern Territory Geological magnetotelluric (MT) data together,Survey, and the Geological Survey of New along with anisotropic modelling inSouth Wales. Kate Robertson, Stephan Thiel,3D. We look forward to working withGeological Survey of South Australia Associate Professor Kerry Key andIn Q3 2020, broadband MT data willKate.Robertson2@sa.gov.au colleagues at LDEO. be acquired in a transect across theStephan.Thiel@sa.gov.au21 PREVIEW APRIL 2020'