b'Geophysics in the surveysNewsGeological Survey of Queensland: Camooweal 2D seismic surveyThe Isa Superbasin, South Nicholson and Georgina basins of North West Queensland are frontier basins earmarked for examination of their resource potential under the Strategic Resources Exploration Program (SREP). Little exploration has occurred for petroleum resources in these basins, although proven petroleum systems exist in both the Isa Superbasin and Georgina Basin with demonstrated flow at sub-commercial rates.The Camooweal 2D seismic survey was acquired during July and August 2019. It was centred on Camooweal and aimed to increase knowledge of petroleum (and mineral) systems, define the extents and thicknesses of the Georgina and South Nicholson basins and the Isa Superbasin, and to examine basin architecture.The Camooweal seismic survey ties into Geoscience Australias 2017 South Nicholson Basin seismic survey, and the recently completed Northern Territory Geological Survey/ Geoscience Australia Barkly seismic survey, improving seismic data coverage across these frontier basins. The Camooweal seismic survey links into older regional seismic dataFigure 1.Location of the Camooweal seismic survey.surveys, tying into the 1994 Mount Isa seismic line, 94 MTI-01 (Figure 1).The total length of acquisition was spread over three lines, 19Q-C1 (totalling 65.8 km in length), 19Q-C2 (173.6 km) and 19Q-C3 (60.9 km) (Figure 1). Acquisition was via vibroseis using Nodal DTCC SmartSolo receivers. The source array consisted of three Inova AHV-IV Commander PLS-364 (64 000 lb) vibroseis in single file linear arrangement (Figure2). A single linear sweep from 4 to 96 Hz over 18 seconds was run using 1200 channels symmetrically split, with source station spacing of 30 m and receivers every 20 m. The data indicated the Moho at a depth of 30 to 40 km depth and a previously unknown sub-basin on the eastern end of line 19Q-C1.The Camooweal seismic survey increases the coverage and improves the quality of fundamental geophysical data over the southern Isa Superbasin, South NicholsonFigure 2.Three vibroseis trucks out on the vast expanses of the Barkly Tableland, during acquisition of the and Georgina basins (Figure 1). TheCamooweal 2D Seismic Survey.seismic survey will assist in improving the understanding of basins and basementin this underexplored area by providingData Portal at https://geoscience.data.structures and also the energy, mineralinformation for industry to confidentlyqld.gov.au/seismic/95590and groundwater potential of North Westinvest in exploration activities.Queensland. The new reflection seismic data and derivative information willThe data is available for download fromSally Edwards reduce risk for exploration companiesthe Queensland Governments OpenSally.Edwards@dnrme.qld.gov.auAPRIL 2020 PREVIEW 22'