b'Minerals geophysics Australia at present. Some states in Australia over-grid their survey data in an effort to not de-sample their high-resolution data. This exposes users who are un-aware of this, thinking that there is little benefit to be had in flying a new magnetic survey if the cell size is reported to be 40 m etc.Future needsIntrepid Geophysics has many tools that have evolved over the years to provide tailored abilities to check and if necessary correct geophysical survey data. Often the processes involved are completely non-trivial, and require a good understanding of typical measuring systems and the physics involved. Typically, creating visual plots to check data quality is the standard means of going about QA/QC, rather than relying on group statistics. Often, the outlier errors mostly show up statistically in the kurtosis, if at all.As many geologists and other interpreting Figure 4.Image processing methods to QAQC 1024 channel Gamma Ray records by flight line. A pseudogeoscientists rely on the further processed colour histogram stretch is applied to each recorded spectra, displayed by fiducials.capability to not only visualise all of the measured values by fiducial, but by using a differencing arithmetic operation, a before and after capability, to check processing operations on the data.Magnetics (TMI)These data are also not without issues. What was the diurnal correction applied and what trends were removed from the survey data? Are there enough overlaps between surveys to figure out an adjustment that the physics of the situation might find acceptable, i.e. first order trend and a DC shift. The push to mix poor survey data with high quality modern surveys to create the illusion of a coherent continental coverage does a disservice for the interpreting geologist as Clifton (2016) points out. East-west flown lines with a spacing of greater than 200 m have a poor chance of being able to characterise near surface magnetic sources in the geology.Practical implementations of these quality control adjustments show up in the use of the GridMerge tool, (Minty, 2011) where routinely more than 5000 prior TMI surveys are re-adjusted and remerged to make a new coherent representation of the magnetic field.Figure 5.a) Typical generations of magnetic survey, with differing line spacing and flight directions, Figure 5 is typical of what is behindflying height, IGRF etc. b) GridMerged product, showing best efforts at a unified prediction of the magnetic most magnetic gridded products inanomaly field.39 PREVIEW APRIL 2020'