b'Branch newsASEG newsconsideration of regional varying densitySouth Australia & Northern contrasts between crust and mantle.TerritoryThis approach was then applied to the inversion of the Amazonian and WestHello!African Craton, which formed the westernOn Tuesday 11 February the SA/NT part of supercontinent Gondwana. PeterBranch hosted SEG Honorary Lecturer introduced the term for the residualDr Lisa Gavin from Woodside Energy gravitational field palaeo-gravity. Usingat the Coopers Alehouse for her talk, palaeo-gravity as initial data for theRegional to reservoir stress-induced inversion, Peter studied the Moho depthseismic azimuthal anisotropy. It is of Western Gondwana (Palaeo-Moho).always a pleasure hosting SEG Honorary Palaeo-gravity and Palaeo-Moho help toLecturers, and this talk was enjoyed by get a more precise view on the anomaliesASEG NSW president, Mark Lackie (and one of his25 attendees and was followed by lively connecting the cratons. Much discussionfun shirts) introducing Greg Street. A big thank youdiscussion.followed Peters talk, especially histo the GBG Group for their sponsorship, which helps interpreted map of Australia. fund the NSW Branch monthly technical meetings. On Tuesday 24 March we held our AGM virtually, for the safety of our Members. Thank you to those that Zoomed in- it was great to see you all!I would like to introduce and welcome our new branch executive, named in the table below. I would also like to thank Adam Davey and Ben Kay for their fantastic ongoing contributions to the ASEG. Thanks also to all of our Branch members who have made my time as President for the last two years so enjoyable Peter Haas (left) and Mark Lackie (right) enjoyingGreg Street (Loupe Geophysics) presenting caseand rewarding.beverages after Peters presentation. Thestudies from the portable TEM system.background shows one of the slides that triggered aMeetings notices, addresses and relevantRole 2019 2020lot of discussion. contact details can be found at the NSW Branch website. All are welcome. President Kate Robertson Ben KayIn March, Greg Street (LoupeTreasurer Adam Davey Samuel JenningsGeophysics, Perth) presented a talkMark Lackieentitled Case Studies from LoupeNewnswpresident@aseg.org.au Secretary Ben Kay Carmine WainmanTechnology in Portable TEM for Near- Stephanie KovachNorthernTania Dhu Tania DhuSurface Measurements. Greg describedTerritory nswsecretary@aseg.org.au RepLoupe, a portable, broadband TEM system, which has been developedQueenslandfor the purpose of measuring theFor now face-to-face meetings have distribution of near-surface electricalThe QLD Branch started the year with a talkbeen suspended, but we hope to see you conductivity. Greg outlined how theby in February Dr Lucy MacGregor, Chiefsoon, in some way or another, and are Loupe system is designed to measureTechnology Officer of Cognitive Geology,eager to continue to deliver value to our primarily in the top 25 metres of thetitled Recent advances in multi-physicsMembers in any way we can. If you have ground. Greg walked us through trialapproaches to characterising the earth.any suggestions, we would love to hear surveys that had been conductedThe talk was well attended and sparked anthem - send an email to sa-ntpresident@with Loupe in a number of near- interesting discussion and questions on theaseg.org.au.surface applications including mineralintegration of different geophysical data exploration on surface and underground,types to get a more complete picture of theAs always, a huge thank you to our geological / regolith mapping, study ofearth than seismic or others alone. sponsors, we are so grateful for your groundwater around tailings storagesupport;facilities and the mapping of structuralWe plan to hold our Branch AGM in when features in open-cut mines. Muchconditions allow. We are still looking forHeathgate Resources, Department for discussion about the new systemspeakers to fill the 2020 programme. IfEnergy and Mining, Beach Energy, Santos, followed the talk. you have any ideas for a talk please get inTerrex Seismic, Geosensor, Minotaur touch with the QLD committee. With justExploration and Zonge Australia.An invitation to attend NSW Branchover a year until the AEGC in Brisbane, weStay safe!meetings is extended to interstate andhope that everyone stays safe and that international visitors who happen to bethe current corona virus outbreak wont in town at that time. When the situationcontinue to disrupt everyones life andKate Robertsonreturns to normal Meetings will generallywork for too long. ASEG SA/NT Branch committee member be held on the third Wednesday ofRon Palmer,(former President)each month from 5:30 pm at Club York.qldpresident@aseg.org.au Kate.Robertson2@sa.gov.au7 PREVIEW APRIL 2020'