b"Editor's desk Editors deskOur best of series, marking the 50ththe surveys). The volume of data that isAMET between 1996 and 1999, would anniversary of the establishment ofcurrently coming down survey pipelineshave been as pleased as I am to have the Australian Society of Explorationis truly mind blowing. I gave a paperwitnessed that change. Brian died earlier Geophysicists, continues in this issue.at the first Australian conference onthis year and his obituary appears in Don Emerson, who was Editor ofAirborne Electromagnetics (AEM 98)this issue. His death is a sad loss to our Exploration Geophysics from 1984-93on Beyond bump findingairbornecommunity of geophysicists, and many makes his choice. Again, you will have toelectromagnetics for mineral explorationof us feel it quite personally.flick through to the feature pages to findin regolith dominated terrains andPlease stay safe during these difficult out what it was! was told by the then CEO of AGSOtimes.We are also blessed with a mini-feature;(Neil Williams) that AGSO, or GA as it is Terry Harvey (Mineral geophysics) hasnow, would never fly AEM for mapping coaxed Des Fitzgerald into sharingpurposes. Well, times have changed, andLisa Worrall some of his accumulated wisdom in hisI am sure that Brian Spies, who instigatedPreview Editorarticle on Quality control in airbornethat conference and was CEO of CRCprevieweditor@aseg.org.augeophysics.Whilst we are counting our blessings, David Denham (Canberra observed) notes that gold miners are benefiting from the current economic uncertainty. He also introduces the new Resources Minister and surveys the Federal Government response to the COVID-19 pandemic. Mike Hatch (Environmental geophysics) considers how far is far enough, and no, he is not referring to social distancing. Mick Micenko (Seismic window) looks back 40 years, and Ian James (Webwaves) muses on lossless versus lossy compression.Like many of us, you may be working from home in the hopeful expectation of slowing the spread of COVID-19. If so, there are plenty of new data available from the state and federal surveys for you to get your teeth into (Geophysics inThe Editor in happier times - when international fieldwork was still on the agenda.Subscribe to Preview online Non-members of the ASEG can now subscribe to Preview online via the ASEG website. Subscription is free. Just go to https://www.aseg.org.au/publications/PVCurrent to sign up. You will receive an email alert as soon a new issue of Preview becomes available. Stay informed and keep up-to-date by subscribing now!!NB: ASEG Members dont need to subscribe as they automatically receive an email alert whenever a new issue of Preview is published.1 PREVIEW APRIL 2020"