b'Minerals geophysics gridded form of the geophysical surveycomponents of the B-field measuredprocessing techniques to large areas. datasets, or indeed, just images of thissignal are rigorously tested forThese methods have the potential data, there is a big duty to prepare bestcoherence. Airborne gravity and gravityto provide significant new insights efforts and also check the efforts of others,gradiometry also require a high level ofinto the geology and prospectivity of as any error that remains in the dataquality control procedures, especiallycontinental scale compilations.undetected can have large implicationsinvolving terrain factors. An emerging and cause a lot of unnecessary miss- magnetic tensor gradient survey direction and expenditure. technology presents even furtherReferenceschallenges for quality control, as manyClifton, R. 2016. Forward Modelling of Conclusions of the established shorthands and rulesSpectral Depths Using 3D Fourier of thumb no longer apply. Convolution. Exploration Geophysics, The critical step of ensuring thatThe QC technology applied across thehttp://doi.org/10.1071/EG15092high quality geophysics data areindustry is not uniform, and sometimesFitzGerald, D. 2013. Full Tensor Magnetic both acquired and then reduced viainappropriate for new datatypesGradiometry. 13th SAGA, 2013, Kruger established processing methods to abeing acquired. Government contractParkcoherent and consistent representationspecifications can help. Also improvedHolstein, H., D. FitzGerald,Anastasiades of an element of a field cannot be takensoftware tools being generally availableC., 2009. Gravimetric anomalies of for granted. and having trained operators areuniform thin polygonal sheets. 11th Quality control should not be restrictedemerging requirements. SAGA Conference, Swaziland.to ticking all the boxes, rather it shouldHorsfall, K.D. 1997. Airborne magnetic become a cooperation betweenIn time, consistent and coherentand gamma-ray data acquisition. contractor and technical inspector toregional compilations of airborneAGSO Journal of Australian Geology provide the client with the best possiblegeophysical data open up a newand Geophysics, 17 (2).data under the given circumstances! range of applications for these data.Minty, B. R. S. 2011. Airborne Geophysical Large regional anomalies can now beMapping of the Australian Continent. 2.5D AEM inversion provides anbetter appreciated and interpreted.Geophysics, 76 (5).exacting quality control check onA significant benefit is the ability toReid, A. B. 1980. Aeromagnetic Survey survey data, as all aspects of theapply quantitative modelling and dataDesign. Geophysics, 45 (5).Subscribe to Preview online Non-members of the ASEG can now subscribe to Preview online via the ASEG website. Subscription is free. Just go to https://www.aseg.org.au/publications/PVCurrent to sign up. You will receive an email alert as soon a new issue of Preview becomes available. Stay informed and keep up-to-date by subscribing now!!NB: ASEG Members dont need to subscribe as they automatically receive an email alert whenever a new issue of Preview is published.APRIL 2020 PREVIEW 40'