b'Conferences and eventsNewsThe 19th International Symposium on Deep Seismic Profiling of the Continents and their MarginsCurtin University in Perth invites youallocated for poster presentations. We Moho in 3Dto participate in the 19th edition of thealso anticipate a number of keynote Special topic: ET (extra-terrestrial) biennial International Symposium onpresenters (TBA). resource potentialDeep Seismic Profiling of the ContinentsThe conference topics will include but areUnconventional case historieslessons and their Margins (SEISMIX 2020),not strictly limited to: learntwhich is now also extended to include Big data issues: machine learning and the latest technological and scientific Novel seismic imaging and inversionartificial intelligencedevelopments in the application ofmethodsseismic methods. The symposium will be Mineral exploration seismics,Important Datesheld in Fremantle, near Perth, Westernintegration with other geological and Early bird registrations and abstract Australia, from Sunday, March 1 to Friday,geophysical data submissions open: 02 09 19March 6 2020.Active and passive seismic Abstract submissions close: 01 11 19interferometryAbstract acceptance notifications: 25 Symposium ProgramActive and passive seismics: together11 19or not?Early bird registrations close 14 12 19,The SEISMIX Symposium is unique Active continental margins and Late registrations close: 03 01 20in the way that it brings togethersubduction zonesSymposium: 0106 03 20geoscientists from around the world Mid-ocean ridges and oceanic Post-conference field trip: 0714 03 20in a quest to investigate the interior oflithospherethe Earth using the latest technologies, Global processescollisions andPlease visit the symposium web page to unite active and passive source- accretion (http://www.seismix2020.org.au) for imaging communities and those who Comprehensive geologicalmore information.study the Earth from the near surfaceinterpretationto exploration scale and down to the Near-surface seismologycase continental scale. As usual, there will behistories Milovan Urosevica single session for oral presentations New developments and advances inCurtin University(no parallel sessions) and ample timeDAS applications M.Urosevic@curtin.edu.auNear Surface Geoscience and Engineering conference 2019The Geological Society of MalaysiaJapan, the Chinese Geophysical Society, Professor Joy Jacqueline (GSM) and the European Associationthe Korean Society of Earth andPereira,Universiti Kebangsaan, of Geoscientists & Engineers (EAGE)Exploration Geophysicists, the GeologicalMalaysiaare organising the second Asia PacificSurvey of Papua New Guinea, the Dr Oliver Kuras, British Geological Meeting on Near Surface GeoscienceAustralian Geomechanics Society and theSurvey, UK& Engineering (NSGE) in Kuala LumpurIndonesian Association of Geophysicists.from 2226 April 2019. This conferenceFind the NSGE on Facebook and LinkedIn: follows the tremendous success of theConfirmed keynote speakers are: https://www.facebook.com/EAGEglobal/first event in Yogyakarta, Indonesia, inphotos/a.349106275193209/17537497742018 and is supported by the Australian Professor Kenneth Stokoe, The728845/?type=3&theaterSociety of Exploration Geophysicists,University of Texas, USAthe Myanmar Geosciences Society, the Professor M Atilla Ansal, Ozyeginhttps://www.linkedin.com/feed/update/Society of Exploration GeophysicistsUniversity, Turkey urn:li:activity:648025425403986329619 PREVIEW APRIL 2019'