b'Geophysics in the Surveys NewsTable 2.Ground and airborne gravity surveys Survey name Client ProjectContractor Start survey LineLineAreaEnd survey FinalLocality diagram (Preview) GADDS management km/spacing/(km2) datareleaseno. ofstationto GAstations spacingKidsonGSWA GA CGG Aviation 14 Jul 2017 72 933 2500 m 155 000 3 May 2018 15 OctThe survey area covers the TBASubbasin 2018 Anketell, Joanna Spring, Dummer, Paterson Range,Sahara, Percival, Helena,Rudall, Tabletop, Ural,Wilson, Runton, Morris andRyan 1:250 k standard mapsheet areasLittle Sandy GSWA GA Sander W Block: 27 Apr 52 090 2500 m 129 400 W Block: 3 TBA 195: Aug 2018 p. 17 TBADesert W and Geophysics 2018 E Block: 18 Jun 2018E Blocks Jul 2018 EBlock: 2Sep 2018Kimberley GSWA GA Sander 04-Jun-18 61 960 2500 m 153 400 15-Jul-18 TBA 195: Aug 2018 p. 17 TBABasin GeophysicsWarburton- GSWA GA Sander Warb: 14 Jul 2018 62 500 2500 m 153 300 Warb: 31 Jul TBA 195: Aug 2018 p. 17 TBAGreat Victoria Geophysics GVD: 27 Jul 2018 2018 GVD: 3Desert Oct 2018TBA, to be advisedTable 3.AEM surveys Survey name Client ProjectContractor Start flying LineSpacingAreaEnd flying Final dataLocalityGADDS management km AGL Dir (km2) to GA diagramrelease(Preview)EastGA GA SkyTEM 26 May 2017 13 723 Variable N/A Nov 2017 24 AugTBA TBAKimberley Australia 2017AusAEM GA GA CGG TBA 59 349 20 km withTBA 31 Jul 2018 2 Oct 2018 186: Feb Released on(Year 1) areas of2017 p. 18 GA website,infill 11 Dec 2018Surat-Galilee GA GA SkyTEM 2 Jul 2017 4627 Variable Traverses 23 Jul 2017 Nov 2017 188: Jun TBABasins QLD Australia 2017 p. 21Stuart GA GA SkyTEM 6 Jul 2017 9832 Variable Traverses 12 Aug 2017 Nov 2017 188: Jun TBACorridor, NT Australia 2017 p. 22TBA, to be advisedTable 4.Magnetotelluric (MT) surveys Location State Survey name Total number of MTSpacing Technique Commentsstations deployedNorthernQld/NT Exploring for the320 stations deployed50 km Long period MT The survey covers the area between Tennant Creek and Australia FutureAusLAMP in 201718 Mount Isa. The 2018eld season commenced in May 2018.AusLAMP NSW AusLAMP NSW 139 stations deployed 50 km Long period MT Covering the state of NSW with long period MT stations at NSW in 2018 to date approximately 50 km spacing.Olympic SA Olympic Domain 320 total Varied AMT and BBMT The survey area extends west of Lake Torrens and coversDomain 1.5 to mineral prospects such as Carrapateena, Fremantle Doctor,10 km Red Lake, Punt Hill, Emmie Blu- and Mount Gunson. Thesurvey was completed to Jul 2018.TBA, to be advisedTable 5.Seismic reflection surveys Location State Survey name Line km GeophoneVP/SPRecordTechnique Commentsinterval interval lengthSouth EastVic/NSW SE Lachlan Approx 450 10 m 40 m 20 s 2DDeep crustal The survey covers the South East Lachlan OrogenLachlan seismic reection crossing the VictorianNew South Wales border. Thedata acquisition phase of the survey commencedon 5 Mar 2018 near Benalla in Victoria. The surveycompleted data acquisition south of Eden in NSWon 29 Apr 2018. Data will be released late 2019.Kidson WA KidsonApprox 900 20 m 40 m 20 s 2DDeep crustal Within the Kidson Sub-basin of the Canning BasinSubbasin seismic reection extending across the Paterson Orogen and ontothe eastern margin of the Pilbara Craton. The surveycompleted acquisition on 8 Aug 2018.21 PREVIEW APRIL 2019'