b'Education mattersEducation mattersNext generations of earth scientists III: mentoring of early-career professionals in WAThe past two editions of Preview havein a mentoring role with early-career included articles on earth-scienceprofessional geoscientists. This latest education programmes in secondaryprogramme is a joint initiative of the West schools of Western Australia (ESWA),Australian branches of ASEG and PESA.and a programme linking scienceHeather Tompkins (ASEG WA President), mentors with high-school students in thewith Ishtar Barranco (PESA Federal Australian Capital Territory. In this issueSecretary) and Carolina Pimentel we feature an account of a mentoring(ASEGWA, Branch Committee), brings programme operating at the next levelusthe story.Michael Astenup, which is, linking senior geoscientists Associate Editor for Educationmichael.asten@monash.eduA mentoring programme bridging the gap between generations working in the energy and resource industriesHow can we leverage experience, assistthe 2018 mentoring programme,in a controlled and safe mentoring with knowledge retention within ouralongside Ishtar Barranco and Simonenvironment.industry, and transition the next generationMolyneux of PESA. This team hasThe mentoring programme coordinators of geoscientists into future leaders? Ourfacilitated workshops at set pointswere keen to identify ways to help bridge answer to this question is a mentoringalong the mentorship journey. Carolinathe gap between generations working programme, where success is measuredis the Data Management/GIS Specialistin the energy and resource industries. not just by a focus on developing capabilityfor CGG Services Multi Client andIshtar reports that We brought together in a mentee, but by growth of a mutuallyVenture department. Her background isvery senior people, some of whom were beneficial partnership offering valuableengineering and previously she workedactually retired but were willing to share new insights to both parties. for more than 6 years with the CGGtheir knowledge and experience, together As Ishtar Barranco of PESA puts it,Subsurface Imaging Team. Carolinawith young people who were really Mentoring is a really personal andbelieves that the mentoring programmethirsty for their insights. These people meaningful way that you can helpwill help new generations to gain morehave worked all around the world and someone, and give back to the industry. confidence to pursue professional goals The Australian Society of Exploration Geophysicists (ASEG) and Petroleum Exploration Society of Australia in Western Australia (PESA WA) have jointly established a mentoring programme. This programme kicked off in Perth during 2018 and comprised of 20 carefully matched pairs of individuals who worked together over the course of six months. The programme was initially designed to match very experienced professionals with less experienced or recent graduates; however, it was quickly expanded to also include individuals in the middle of their careers based on the expressions of interest that we received. Early and mid-career participants face different kinds of challenges, but both groups were looking for guidance and advice on their career pathways.Carolina Pimentel is a member of the ASEG WA Branch Committee and sheMembers of the WA mentoring programme organising committee: (left to right) Ishtar Barranco (PESA), volunteered to design and coordinateCarolina Pimentel (ASEG) and Simon Molyneux (PESA).APRIL 2019 PREVIEW 30'