b'The Australian continent: A geophysical synthesisFeatureFigure 7.Major crustal boundaries from Korsch and Doublier (2016) superimposed on the surface geology of Australia.Sedimentary basins in the western part of the continent lie on relatively thick The combined thickness of Neoproterozoic andlithosphere.Phanerozoic basins across Australia, building on inputA narrow band of deep sediments occurs in the Fitzroy Trough at from reflection seismology, gravity and magnetic surveys,the northern end of the Canning Basin, abutting the Precambrian is shown in Figure9. Older Proterozoic sediments areKimberley Block. This appears to be an area with periodic tectonic included in the right hand panel of Figure 9, many of thesereactivation, and still displays moderate seismicity.are metasediments so that the distinction from basement is not always obvious. Concluding remarksAlthough a significant part of Australia is covered in sediments, the sequences on the continent are generally less thanWe hope that the preceding extract from The Australian 7 km thick (Figure 9). Deeper basins (>15 km) occur offshoreContinent: A Geophysical Synthesis on the geology of Australia particularly in northwestern Australia. These deep sedimentaryhas stimulated the interest of Preview readers. We have basins host most of Australias oil and gas. compiled similar classes of figures and overviews for the continental-scale datasets such as radiometrics, gravity, The onshore basins are also important, with major coalmagnetics and seismic velocity models (among other datasets) deposits in eastern Australia, mostly from the Permian, and gaswithin the book and in the electronic image gallery. We look accumulations in the Cooper Basin in southern Queensland. Theforward to presenting this material to ASEG Members in majority of these basins are associated with gentle downwarpsQueensland, New South Wales, Victoria and South Australia, due to thermal sagging rather than localised rifting, and manyonce dates for presentations in those states have been finalised.APRIL 2019 PREVIEW 46'