b'Branch newsASEG newsASEG Branch newsAustralian Capital Territory the Science Mentors ACT programme,introduced the meteorites that had been which gives public school studentsloaned from the Australian Museum for After a quiet January holiday period, wein this age range the chance to workthis study. The magnetometer allowed hosted two speakers in the first weekwith professionals in science andthe measurement of the magnetism of February. Dr Tim Dean of Curtinengineering by undertaking real-worldof the meteorites without having to University, WA, gave us a detailed andprojects with well-defined goals. Thetake samples from them (thus keeping critical summary of the cutting-edgeprogramme is expanding from its initialthe Museum very happy), and so many equipment currently available to the landimplementation at Melrose High Schoolmeasurements were taken in many seismic industry, both source and receiver.and Geoff hopes to entice as many careerorientations. Clive discussed the results Tims extensive collection of hardware wasscientists as possible to participatefrom two of the meteorites, one with of great interest to the group and was anand allow the programme to grow. Thea dominant induced magnetisation eye-opener for those who had not beenexamples of student work which he wasand the other with a strong remanent involved with seismic acquisition recently. able to illustrate were very impressive. magnetisation. Clive offered his thoughts Later in the week we had a visit fromIn mid-March we hosted a talk by SEGon why, and shook his head about other Geoff McNamara of MSATT Astronomy,Honorary Lecturer, Professor Borisfindings. Much discussion followed, the a programme with a dedicatedGurevich, of Curtin University ontalk being enjoyed by all.observatory at Mount Stromlo (thethe subject of Seismic attenuation,An invitation to attend NSW Branch McNamara-Saunders Astronomicaldispersion, and anisotropy in porousmeetings is extended to interstate and Teaching Telescope), offering studentsrocks: Mechanisms and Models. international visitors who happen to in Years 9 to 12 the opportunity tobe in town at that time. Meetings are undertake extended student-centredIn early April Geoscience Australia willgenerally held on the third Wednesday projects in astronomy. Geoff also headsprovide facilities for the ASEG Federalof each month from 5:30pm at Club York. Executive AGM for the second yearMeetings notices, addresses and relevant running as Marina Costelloes successfulcontact details can be found at the term as president comes to a close. TheNSW Branch website. The next Branch guest speaker will be the new GA Chiefmeeting will be held on 17 April, Marina Scientist Dr Steve Hill Costelloe, the ASEG President will be Grant Butler giving the presentation, all are welcome.actpresident@aseg.org.au Mark Lackie,New South Wales nswpresident@aseg.org.auIn February, Clive Foss from CSIROStephanie KovachMineral Resources presented a talknswsecretary@aseg.org.auentitled, A magnetization study of someQueenslandiron meteorites. Clive went through what we knew about the magnetism ofQueensland made good start on its iron meteorites and then introduced usactivities in 2019. Once school holidays Tim Dean and his collection of seismic receiver/ to the magnetometer that CSIRO haswere over, and we were all back at our recorder hardware developed to measure drill core. Clivedesks, we kicked off with the mentor programme followed by two technical talks with another two scheduled before Easter.Janelle Simpson and her team did a great job in getting the mentoring programme up and running, and it was launched on Friday 15 February. Well done Janelle and your team. Great many thanks also to ASEG President Marina Costelloe who came up for the launch and gave an inspirational talk on mentorship with many interesting and also personal anecdotes. Thank you Marina for supporting our launch and getting it off to a great start!Our first technical talk was on Thursday 19 February when Keith Millis, Lead Geophysicist at SA Exploration gave a talk Clive Foss eyeing a bottle of red after giving his most enjoyable and enlightening talk. on compressive seismic imaging (CSI), a 7 PREVIEW APRIL 2019'