b'Presidents pieceASEG newsPresidents pieceWelcome to this edition of Preview. Iin Sydney or at AGCC in Adelaide, spokento the Fed Ex, so look out for an update want to spend a moment rememberingto you about geophysics, diversity orin the next edition. A big thank you as a very special colleague and friend, Drmentoring (or all three) and feel connectedalways to Lisa Worrall and her editorial Peter Milligan. I met Peter in the earlyto you even if we only caught up by phone,team for delivering Preview magazine, 90 s and worked with him right up untilemail or zoom. In the past 12 months theand to the web team for modernising late February. What a sad and suddenFederal Executive have navigated safelythe delivery of Preview using flip book. A loss to the world-wide geophysicalinto a new publication arrangementbig thank you to Mark Lackie for driving community. Peter was a quiet achiever.with Taylor and Francis, signed newExploration Geophysics. Thank you also to A few highlights: he led the productionmemorandum of understandings withTAS, in particular Alison Forton, for all of of the Magnetic Anomaly Map of theKorea and Japan, supported graduatesyour secretariat supportpriceless!Australia, and the incorporation of thewith a new subsidised membershipThere is a lot of good news too, with Rio Australian magnetic map into the Worldlevel, increased awareness of the SocietyTinto announcing its Winu Project in the Digital Magnetic Anomaly Map andthrough social media, and started aPaterson region, just one of what felt like a published the first Elevation Image Mapmonthly membership newsletter. Welarge number of good news reports to the of Australia. Internationally, Peter hasupdated the constitution for secureASX. The Federal Governments release of been associated with, and was on the Taskelectronic voting, and removed genderedAustralias National Resources Statement Force and Executive Committee of, thelanguage. These two modernisations areis more good news. If you havent read World Digital Anomaly Map (WDMAM)best practice changes that will benefit theit, here is the link https://www.industry.under the Working Group V-MOD of theSociety into the future. There has beengov.au/data-and-publications/australias-International Association of Geomagnetismsignificant, new and important updatesnational-resources-statement. Excitement and Aeronomy (IAGA). He was presentmade to the ASEG website, and we havearound critical commodities is growing, at the first release of this map in Italy ingrown our relationships with our affiliatewith Australia being a major player on the 2007 and, in connection with world maporganisations and associated societiesworld stage. Minister Canavan released development, attended subsequent- which I feel opened the opportunitya Critical Minerals report https://www.meetings of the IAGA and the Internationalfor me to represent earth science andga.gov.au/criticalminerals in mid-March, Union of Geodesy and Geophysics. Petergeography on the Science and Technologyit is an interesting read. The Minerals was also very active in the magnetotelluricBoard. Early in 2018 we had over 60 actionCouncil of Australia also reported In 2018, community, and since 2010 representeditems on our to do list, and this monthAustralias mineral exploration expenditure Australia at the Electromagnetic Inductionthere are less than 15. Running a not- totalled $2.2 billionan increase of workshops of the IAGA in Egypt, Australiafor- profit organisation is definitely very24%with gold attracting most of this (Darwin) and Germany. Peter was aexciting, but at times challenging! investment. Gold exploration accounted long term ASEG ACT Branch committeeOne of the last things I hope to achievefor 41% of all mineral exploration member and Treasurer, editor, conference organiser and prolific scientific writer. Hisas President is a Directors Forum.expenditure or $891 million. I hope that contributions to science, geophysics, andPrevious Federal Executive directors andthis means great opportunities for us all.the exploration industry have been trulyconference organisers are being invitedA super big thank you to the current significant, world-wide and long lasting.to join the Forum, which will form aFederal Executivewhat a great team to He was a humble, approachable and kind,brains trust to ensure the future successwork with. Remember 2020 is our 50th a mentor, friend and colleague. To those ofof the association. If you are a formeranniversary, I cant wait!you who feel his loss as keenly as I do, knowdirector on the Federal Executive and you are not alone. Vale Peter Milligan. would like to be a part of the DirectorsMarina Base over and out.This is my last Presidents Piece in Preview,Forum please email secretary@aseg.org.thank you all very much for your supportau to register. The terms and references over the past 12 or so months. We willof the forum will be the first item the be welcoming Dr Ted Tyne in as ourgroup will establish.new President at the AGM in early April.I applaud the State and Territory DrTyne brings a wealth of experiencebranches who run events, organise in government, industry and academicconferences and mentor our Members. networks to our Society. Many of youThe value you provide to our Members would know Ted from his various roles inis gold. Thank you for your time the Geological Survey of NSW, in industryvolunteering, and for making our learned and as a former Director of the GSNSW.Society relevant, dynamic, diverse and Ted retired in 2017 after 12 years as headskilled. Thank you also to our valued, long of the South Australian Mineral Resourcestime, corporate sponsors; Velseis, Santos, agency, and continues to support theArchimedes and Southern Geoscience.industry as the independent Chair of SAsThe ASEG AGM is early April in 2019, Magnetite Strategy. Please join with meand we will be saying thank you to in welcoming him to his new role. Katherine McKenna, Andrea Rutley and A quick look back at the last year has meKim Francombe for their many years ofMarina Costelloe feeling very grateful. I have visited mostsupport, time and expertise on the FedASEG President State / Territory branches, met you at AEGCEx. We welcome some new memberspresident@aseg.org.auAPRIL 2019 PREVIEW 2'