b'Conferences and eventsNewsAustralasian Exploration Geoscience Conference 2019:WorkshopsThe second Australasian Explorationbeing offered in a three day programme.Aseries of one day workshops will be Geoscience Conference (AEGC) willConference delegates will be able choseheld after the conference closes on be held at the Crown Resort in Perthfrom an eclectic variety, as the offeringsFriday 6 September. All workshops held 25 September 2019. The AEGC is co- cater to a broad range of tastes: at the conference venue will be run with hosted by the Australian Institute of non-technical and soft skills (projectsimultaneous breaks so that attendees Geoscientists, the Australian Societymanagement, presentation, mentoringcan mingle and network over coffee or of Exploration Geophysicists andand careers) tea and lunch.the Petroleum Exploration Society petroleum focussed (sequenceThe Conference Organising Committee of Australia. The AEGC is the largeststratigraphy, chemostratigraphy, NWSis looking forward to delivering a varied exploration geoscience conferencebasins and NWS reservoir drill cores) and interesting mix of workshops that in the southern hemisphere and is minerals focussed (drill optimisation,foster discussion, aid in idea development expected to attract well over 1000porphyry copper-gold, depositand educate all attendees, while bringing delegates from around the world.and ore textures, petrophysics,together ideas and experiences from Themes cover the full spectrummagnetotellurics, estimating cover,across petroleum and minerals geoscience.of Australian geosciences fromexploration of drill core data and near the mineral, petroleum and watersurface geophysics) Registrations are now open and you can resourceindustries, government and cross discipline (geo-statistics,find out more at https://2019.aegc.com.academia. Given its location in Perth,uncertainty, digital disruption andau/workshops/there will be additional, dedicated,machine learning in exploration)streams for Western Australian software orientated (GIS, python,Andrew Buffin sedimentary basins, discoverymodelling and inversion) Workshop Co-Chair - Petroleumtechniques, mineral mapping andAndrew.Buffin@resevalconsulting.comremote sensing applications. Workshops will primarily be run on the two days prior to the conference, SundayShane Mul After a considered application and1 September and Monday 2 September,Workshop Co-Chair - Mineralsreview process, thirty workshops areas either one or two day offerings.Shane.Mule@csiro.auAPRIL 2019 PREVIEW 18'