b'Education matterscan talk to the ways that the industry has Its not just the mentees that reap theprogrammeto help support and nurture changed and developed over decades. Itsbenefits. The industry is undergoingtalent through industry cycles.very inspiring for the younger generationmassive change as processes andDeemed a resounding success in 2018, the to hear these perspectives. systems are rapidly digitised. ThisASEG-PESA mentorship programme has Feedback on the mentoring programmecreates the potential for experiencedreturned for 2019, and joins with six other from mentees highlighted the valueprofessionals to be left behind ifsocieties to provide a more diverse range in their gaining of advice, expandingthey dont keep up with changingof professional members and broader networks, and developing personal skillstechnology, and mentorship offers annetworking opportunities. With continual to help in the workplace. A few veryopportunity to help bridge the gap. changes in the energy and resource positive comments received were: The mentoring programme organisersindustries, its clear that mentorship believe that programmes like this one mayprogrammes like this one will continue toThe programme provided me with thehelp to address cyclicity in our industrybe in high demandserving to benefit opportunity to expand my professionaland ensure that young people areboth the experienced and the more junior network and receive valuable careersupported, no matter what is happeningmembers of our profession by leveraging advice from industry professionals in the external environment. One of theprofessional and life experiences. The programme helped me with mychallenges in our industry is that it is veryHeather Tompkins (ASEG WA, President)personal developmentwe focusedbinary. In boom times the industry is on some of the softer but reallyextremely supportive of its young people.Ishtar Barranco (PESA, Federal Secretary)important skills like networking andWe find it easy to attract fantastic young communication talent, and spend a lot of money and timeCarolina Pimentel (ASEG WA, Branch Mentoring is a really personal andinvesting in training. But, when marketCommittee member)meaningful way that you can helpconditions decline, it is harder for seniorwa-mentoring@aseg.org.ausomeone, and give back to themanagers to support the next generation. industry, This is one of the reasons we started thewa-mentoring@pesa.com.auHonorary lecturer series continues in 2019SEG/ASEG Honorary Lecturer Professor Boris Gurevich of Curtin University commenced his lecture tour during March 2019. He gave talks to each ASEG branch around Australia, and all the talks were live-streamed and recorded. Further details about how to access this programme of talks will appear in the next issue of Preview.Professor Gurevichs Australian tour was proudly supported by CGG Geosoftware (Platinum Sponsor), DUG (Gold Sponsor) and the ASEG. Also, these lectures would not be possible without Shell, a long-term sponsor ofProfessor Boris Gurevich presents his lecture Seismic attenuation, dispersion, and anisotropy in porous all SEG Distinguished and Honoraryrocks: Mechanisms and Models to the WA Branch in March 2019.Lecture tours.31 PREVIEW APRIL 2019'