b'Geophysics in the SurveysNewsGeological survey of Queensland: New geophysical data released for Queenslands north west mineral provinceData for the Cloncurry North airborne magnetic and radiometric survey were released on QDEX DatainFebruary 2019. The survey consists of over 100 000 line km of data that was acquired at 100 m line spacing with a 50 m terrain clearance and provides new high-resolution coverage in the area to the north of Cloncurry.The Cloncurry North survey borders the 2017 Cloncurry South survey and a merge of the two provides a seamless coverage over the approximately 20000 km2 area. Both new surveys show a marked improvement in data quality compared to the previous Mount Isa Mines Open Range survey acquired in the 1990s. The products of the Cloncurry North survey are currently being used within the GSQ to update the solid geology and structural interpretations of the northern Mary Kathleen domain.The logistics report, DEM, magnetic and radiometric geodatabase as well as a collection of grid files (TMI, RTP, 1VD, K/Th/U/Dose) and Geotiff files are all available for download through QDEX Data. A set of merged grids of the Cloncurry North and Cloncurry South datasets (Figure 1) is also available to download from QDEX Data.A contract for a new survey with similar specifications has been awarded to Thomson Aviation and flying is due to commence shortly, after a delay caused by the recent extreme weather conditions in North Queensland. The Central Isa magnetic and radiometric survey is located to the west of the Cloncurry North and Cloncurry South surveys extending towards Mount Isa (Figure2). The survey will comprise of 85 000 line km of 100 m line spaced data with the resultant merge of all three surveys covering approximately 28 000 km2.GSQ geophysicists are currently in the planning stages of an extension to the well-received Cloncurry Magnetotelluric Survey. Site selection, landholder discussions and culturalFigure 1.Reduced-to-pole magnetic grid overlain by partially transparent greyscale first vertical derivate heritage negotiations are currentlyof RTP of the merged Cloncurry North and Cloncurry South data sets.APRIL 2019 PREVIEW 22'