b'Branch newsASEG newscontinuing as President. Branch MembersBranch Committee managed to enticewas a tripartite event and agreeing to then settled back in the company of ASEGsome of its Members to abandon thedates in an already busy schedule is Federal President Marina Costelloe,relative safety and comfort of their air- becoming increasingly difficult, hence together with the local chapters of theconditioned dwellings to attend the veryour acquiescence. As we look further Geological Society of Australia and thefirst technical meeting night of theyear. ahead to the Winter Social we are Australian Institute of Geoscientists, toOn 21 February, we greeted an adoptedconsidering combining the Summer enjoy Richard Choppings presentationWest Australian, Mr. Jeremie Giraud.AND Winter Socials, to be hosted at the on his new book co-authored with BrianJeremie has just submitted his PhD thesisEquator, during both equinoxes and at Kennett and Richard Blewett, Theto the University of Western Australia. Asthe International Date Line somewhere Australian Continent: A Geophysicalan entrenched native of Perth, Jeremiein the Pacific. We enjoy constructive Synthesis. Following a vote of thanksquickly dismissed our unbearable heat asfeedback. Keep it comingto our from Marina Costelloe, the sister societiesbalmy, and went on that night to deliverSecretary.proceeded outside on a perfect Hobarthis presentation; Integration of geological evening foraBBQ. The presenter at our March technical uncertainty into geophysical inversion bymeeting was Professor Boris Gurevitch ASEG Tasmanias next event was co- means of local gradient regularization,of Curtin University, this years Pacific hosted at the same venue with the GSA.without so much as breaking a sweat.South Honorary Lecture, and we are On Thursday 21 March, after drinks andWell played, Jeremie. Well played. We weregearing up for a busy couple of months nibbles, Paul Winberry from Centralflabbergasted to hear that your integratedahead. Your Committee members hope Washington University talked aboutworkflow approach, which helps reduceto secure Richard Chopping and Marina his application of seismic methods tointerpretation uncertainty, worked so wellCostelloe (ASEG President) to present at understanding the future of Antarcticasin your test area of the Yilgarn. This probablyan upcoming Branch technical meeting ice sheets. explains why the MinEx CRC and Loopnight, so look out for our updates!Consortium want you to work with them. The following week, WednesdayHmmwe, wish you all the best, buddy! And finally, in a coup for the Victorian 27 March, ASEG/SEG Pacific SouthAs the night wore down and beveragesBranch, we will be hosting a very, very Honorary Lecturer Boris Gurevich ofwere discontinued, most of thespecial evening in May that you will not Curtin University and CSIRO gave hisattendees unwillingly withdrew to theirwant to miss! All we can say at this stage presentation Seismic attenuation,humble abodes. In a stroke of genius,is that South Australia wont be the only dispersion, and anisotropy in porousyour Branch Committee membersASEG branch to offer certain state-rocks: Mechanisms and Models. Thisdecided to take advantage of theproduced beverages to its Members.presentation doubled as a highlightdwindling numbers and called forth aAn invitation to attend Victorian Branch of the UTas School of Earth Sciencesflash AGM in the hope of reducing anymeetings is extended to interstate and seminar series. fallout from protests to our exemplaryinternational visitors who happen to be An invitation to attend Tasmanianrunning of your Branch last year. Yourin Melbourne at the time. Meetings are Branch meetings is extended toSecretary noted that a quorum wasgenerally held on the third Thursday of all ASEG Members and interestedpresent, and two resolutions wereeach month from 5:30 pm in the Kelvin parties. Meetings are usually heldproposed for the AGM. For ResolutionClub, 1830 Melbourne Place, Melbourne. in the CODES Conference Room,1, your current President, SecretaryMeeting notices, addresses and relevant University of Tasmania, Hobart.and Treasurer all put forward theircontact details can be found on the Meeting notices, details about venuesnames for re-election and, withoutVictorian Branch page of the ASEG website.and relevant contact details can beany opposition, were unanimously found on the Tasmanian Branch pagere-elected for another frighteningSeda Rouxel,on the ASEG website. As always, weyear. For Resolution 2, we nominatedvicpresident@aseg.org.auencourage Members to also keep anMr. Theo Aravanis to the CommitteeThong Huynheye on the seminar programme at theas events co-ordinator and functionalvicsecretary@aseg.org.auUniversity of Tasmania / CODES, whichsupport. On a show of hands and one routinely includes presentations of aiPhone, the resolution was passed. Mr Theo Aravanis was, until recently, RioWestern Australiageophysical and computational natureTintos Chief Geophysicist. We welcome as well as on a broad range of earthTheo to our Committee! SomeoneThe WA Branch launched the sciences topics. should eventually let Theo know thatIndustry Mentoring Programme in this role is entirely gratis. late March, co-hosted with PESA, Mark Duffett Engineers Australia, the Petroleum taspresident@aseg.org.au On 13 February (not a Friday), we heldClub of WA, the Society for Petroleum the joint ASEG-PESA-SPE SummerEngineers, the Society for Underwater Victoria Social event. It was certainly anTechnology, Subsea Energy Australia, enjoyable night despite the moderatelyand Women in Subsea Engineering. The Victorian Branch of the ASEGlow turnout this year. Thanks toWe hope that this collaborative experienced an unusually longeveryone that attended. Interestingly,venture will provide our Members intermission over the summer months,some of our Members chose thatwith broader networking and and with good reason, as Melbournenight to express concerns that thementoring opportunities amongst endured its warmest January on record.Summer Social was being held tooa diverse group of professionals. Notwithstanding the scorching heat andlate in, wellsummer. We remindedThe programme is free for ASEG sweltering nights so far in early 2019, yourour Members that the Summer SocialMembers and a summary of the events APRIL 2019 PREVIEW 10'