b'Branch newsASEG newsthis year. Keep your eye out for expressions of interest for the 2020 Mentor programme to be advertised later this year.A huge thanks as always to our sponsors, Department for Energy and Mining, Beach Energy, Vintage Energy, Heathgate Resources, Minotaur Exploration and Zonge. We couldnt put on so many valuable events for our Members without them. If you are interested in sponsoring the SA/NT ASEG Branch in 2019, please contact our Treasurer Adam Davey sa-nttreasurer@aseg.org.au.The SA/NT Branch has our own Facebook page now, search for Australian Society of Exploration Geophysicists SA/NT Branch on Facebook, for updatesonevents and local Bonnie Lowe-Young, PESA SA-NT President giving some words of advice to the mentors/mentees geophysicalnews.As always, very happy to hear speaker Marina Costelloe. Marina is theand innovative talk on Compressiveanyfeedback or suggestions atSeismic and MT acquisition team leaderSeismic Imaging (CSI), at the Cooperssa-ntpresident@aseg.org.au.at Geoscience Australia, and the ASEGAlehouse. The talk prompted a lot of Federal President, and gave a wonderfulinteresting discussion which could haveHope to see you soon at an ASEG talk, The Australian Society of Explorationcontinued well into the night. He waseventsoon.Geophysicists: The President, diversityaccompanied by Nabeel Yassi and BruceKate Robertsonand science. She gave some interestingMcFarlane from SAExploration whosa-ntpresident@aseg.org.auand honest insights into the ASEG, butwere happy to chat about the work that also about her career and her passion forSAExploration are doing on CSI.science, diversity, and how to pair theTasmaniatwo. A recording of her talk can be foundOn March 5 we held a meet-and-greet on the ASEG YouTube channel. The AGMevening at the Cumby Hotel for theThe Tasmanian Branch of the ASEG held saw us elect a new Secretary, Ben Kay,ASEG, PESA, SPE and YPP 2019 Mentorits AGM at the UTas Geology Lecture and farewell our previous Secretary Mikeprogramme. This was a great opportunityTheatre on the evening of Thursday 28 Hatch, thanks Mike for your work! for participants in the programme to meetFebruary. Tara Martin and Matthew their mentor/mentee and for generalCracknell were welcomed to the Branch February 27 saw Keith Millis fromnetworking. The programme for 2019 hasCommittee as Treasurer and Secretary SAExploration present an informativecommenced, and will end in Novemberrespectively, joining Mark Duffett who is Richard Chopping presenting to the ASEG Tasmanian Branch AGM.9 PREVIEW APRIL 2019'