b'Environmental geophysicsFigure 6.Explaining our results to local government officials. This is the meeting where we found out that the locals have had problems with salty water in the creek near our Site 3 data line.there would be no need to test drillfor the main funding of this project. other similar looking conductive units.We also thank the International Water More importantly, (b) it is obvious thatManagement Institute (IWMI) based this would not be a good place to drillin Vientiane for their support. In for water as the water is likely to be ofaddition, we would like to thank all of poor (very saline) quality. the students, their professors, and all the government water management We thank the Society of Explorationprofessionals who helped us collect the Geophysicists (SEG), Geoscientistsdata. We could not have done this work without Borders (GWB) programmewithout their help!APRIL 2019 PREVIEW 34'