b'CrosswordPreview crossword #11 2345 67 891011 121314Across Down4.A type of fold characterised by very long straight limbs and1.Unconsolidated aeolian sediment composed largely of silt- very narrow angular hinges. sized particles.6.A major period of mountain building. 2.Fools gold. 7.3. nstrument used to measure the speed of flow in a fluid.The largest Galilean moon. I11.Topographic and structural depression formed by the5.A brecciated igneous rock containing abundant xenolithscollapse of a magma chamber roof into its underlyingderived from the mantle that may contain various quantities magma body. of a precious but extremely hard, high-pressure mineral.12.A relative sea-level fall. 8.Copper carbonate mineral named for its deep blue colour. 13.A poorly sorted pyroclastic flow deposit whose name is9.A single super-continent that existed during the late- derived from the Latin words for fire and rain. Paleozoic before fragmentation in the late-Triassic.14.The amount of horizontal displacement between two sides10.General term applied to a body of intrusive igneous rockof a dip-slip fault. irrespective of shape, size or composition.Play to win!!Send your answers to previeweditor@aseg.org.au. The first correct entry received from an ASEG Member will win two Hoyts E- CINEGIFT passes. The answers and the winner will be published in the next edition of Preview.Enjoy!!APRIL 2019 PREVIEW 54'