b'PeopleNewsVale: Peter Milligan (19512019)But more than this, he was incrediblythe lift wells. The coloured TMI magnetic generous with his time and knowledge.image of Australia must also have He would patiently share his insightsappeared in thousands of presentations or, if the need arose, jump straightgiven by GA staff. Despite this in to help out. His presence wouldwidespread distribution and usage, most instantly bringing a sense of confidencewould not be able to say who produced to any team that he joined since hethese productsPeter was the epitome demonstrated over and over that heof the quiet achiever and never sought could play a key part in bringing largeout the recognition that he deserved.projects to completion. Returning to GA in 2017, Peter worked In the later part of his career Peterin the Groundwater Branch for nearly played a leading role in the expansiontwo years. He contributed greatly on a of magnetotelluric surveying withinnumber of projects including EFTF. Peter GA. But he may be best known fordeveloped new inversion approaches his contribution to the AWAGS longand products for the use of airborne baseline aeromagnetic and radiometricmagnetics data in palaeovalley and near-traverse project, and the subsequentsurface environments for groundwater production of the 5th and 6th editionsprojects, while also providing advice of the Magnetic Anomaly Grids ofand assessment on the use of gravity Australia in 2010 and 2015 respectively.gradiometer and MT methods for These were massive undertakings. Moregroundwater resources in sedimentary Peter Milligan than 30 million line km of low levelbasins.airborne survey data from over 800Peter was an executive committee It is with much sadness that we note theindividual surveys were combined andmember of the Task Force of the World death of Dr Peter Milligan on Saturdaylevelled to produce a high fidelity gridDigital Magnetic Anomaly Map, the 2 March, following a short battle withof magnetic data that covers the entirerecipient of an ASEG Service Certificate in cancer. Peter was a long term employeecontinent. This was an internationally- 2016, author or co-author of numerous of Geoscience Australia and a long-timerecognised achievement, the envy ofscientific publications, and the recipient Member of the ASEG. every geoscience organisation outsideof countless GA awards. To those who Australia. In more recent times Peterworked with him however, he was Peter joined the Bureau of Mineralwas back in GA working with thesimply the quietest, kindest, happiest, Resources (BMR) in 1985 and retiredGroundwater Branch. most valued fellow team member of the from Geoscience Australia (GA) 29 yearsgeophysics section of GA that we have later in 2014. Over this time periodThe Magnetic Map of Australia that Peterknown. He will be sadly missed.Peter became an institution in the fieldsproduced adorns the walls and pin-of geomagnetism, magnetotellurics,up boards of hundreds of geosciencePeter is survived by his wife Ann, and his airborne surveying, and non-seismicorganisations, businesses, universities,three children.geophysical data processing. Havingand consultancies. It has a prominent taught maths and science at secondaryplace in the foyer at GAnext time youRichard Laneschools prior to joining the BMR, he wasvisit cast your eye high up on the hugeGeoscience Australiawell trained as a mentor and a tutor.cloth banner that hangs against one ofRichard.Lane@ga.gov.auCollection for saleThe late Kevin Wake Dyster accumulated a large collection of instruments during his career (see Kevins obituary in the February 2019 issue of Preview), which the estate would like to sell to his fellow professionals. Kevins colleagues, Henk van Paridon and Ron Palmer, are assisting the estate and have established a website with pictures of the equipment for salehttp://www.energeo.com.au/geophysical_equipment_for_sale.htmlMany more items will be added to the website as this large collection is assessed so, if you are interested, it would be a good idea to revisit the site over the coming months.Some of the early highlights include gravity meters, EM34-3 XL, seismographs, magnetometers and surveying instruments. There are also many beautiful collectors items.13 PREVIEW APRIL 2019'