b'CommitteesASEG newsASEG Young Professionals Network: UpdateThe Western Australian jointThe ASEG Young Professionals groupin a relaxed environment to enhance ties industry mentoring programmein Queensland is sponsoring anand foster networking.is a collaboration between nineEarly Careers and University Student professional associations: Petroleumnetworking social on December 9 atPlease go to https://www.eventbrite.com.Exploration Society of Australia (PESA),Saccharomyces, Southbank. This eventau/e/465486130547 to register.Australian Society for Explorationis run by the Brisbane Brews committee, Geophysicists (ASEG), Energy Clubwhich is tasked with bringing severalNick Josephs of WA (ECWA), Society of Petroleumgeoscience societies in Brisbane togetherqldsecretary@aseg.org.auEngineers (SPE), Engineers Australia (EA), Society for Underwater Technology (SUT) and Subsea Energy Australia (SEA), and Professional Petroleum Data Management Association (PPDM).Members of the participating associations met in The Globe on Tuesday November 29 for 2023 wrap. The evening was an opportunity to make meaningful connections in a friendly environment and the sponsors are gratefully acknowledged.J.J. Leong j.leong@terraresources.com.auUpdate on Members spotlighted in the ASEG newsletterThe first Member spotlighted in an ASEG newsletter was Marina Costelloe in May 2018. Over 40 geophysicists /geologists have now shared their experiences, views and interesting stories. You can find them at https://www.aseg.org.au/publications/newsletters. If you would like to subscribe to the ASEG Newsletter, nominate someone for the Member spotlight, or leave any suggestions, please email us at communications@aseg.org.au.List of Members spotlighted in 2022 Nicholas Josephs Lisa Vella Desmond FitzGeraldBhavik Harish Lodhia Eric Battig Sasha AivazpourporgouGerrit Olivier Audrey Quealy Wei Xuen HengNatasha Hendrick Chibuzo ChukwuDECEMBER 2022 PREVIEW 6'