b'FeatureDIY geophysicistaspects of geophysics better than canned routines or recipe-like instructions for production equipment. In this era of learning at a distance, on-line learning (possibly with small groups exchanging ideas as in engineering teaching) but still having a hands-on kit-based approach would appear to offer the quality education that is assisted, yet self-directed. Many graduate students in other disciplines do not need expensive production geophysical survey equipment, they just need some basic measurements to assist their understanding. Fostering curiosity, whether it is for commercialisation, research, education, or simply self-directed learning, often leads to innovation and invention. I feel that current education systems do not cater for developing curiosity in professional degrees, and that limits the potential entrepreneur and innovator within all of us. Measurement with a DIY approach allows any of us to experiment and test new ideas, or ideas nearly forgotten but very worthy.ReferencesDean, T., Nguyen, H., Kepic, A. and D. Halliday, 2018(a). The Figure 5.Custom circuit design examples for add-on boards (the greenconstruction of a simple portable electromagnetic vibrator PCBs) using free-to-use software. One board sits under a STM Nucleo H743 to provide analog signal conditioning before conversion plus host a microSDfrom commercially available components. Geophysical card for storing logged data. The other unpopulated board in the foregroundProspecting, 67, pp 1686-1697.is for six channels of very high gain (x100 or x1000) amplification and an audioDean, T., Nguyen, H. and A. Kepic, A., 2018(b). How to build transformer to galvanically isolate and voltage level shift the signals beforeyour own simple, low-cost, seismic system. ASEG Extended analog conversion on the microcontroller. These PCBs were specifically designedAbstracts, 1-Jun 2018 CSIRO PUBLISHING. https://doi.for ease of hand-assembly with low-cost soldering tools. org/10.1071/ASEG2018abM2_1HDupuis, C., Kepic, A.W., and K.E. Butler, 2020. Design of Designer software can be rented via subscription. It can costfield instrumentation and noise removal techniques for less than $200 to manufacture ten PCBs in a few weeks, andseismoelectric measurements. Chapter in: Seismoelectric then later have your concept and idea to be fully assembled andExploration: Theory, Experiments, and Applications, Eds ready to test in less than two months. Grobbe, N., Revil, A., Zhu, Z., and E. Slob, pp 319-345, John Wiley & Sons, Inc.Enabling attitudes Franke, J. and O. Verzub, 2020. AMIRA P1204 Public Report https://amira.global/project/developing-uav-mounted-DIY geophysics also allows for a revolution in our learning.geophysical-sensor-arrays/Constructing a measurement device and then using itKepic, A., 2021. The Do-it-yourself geophysicist, Preview, 213, appropriately to perform a test survey teaches many basicpp 102.Free subscription to Preview online Non-members of the ASEG can now subscribe to Preview online via the ASEG website. Subscription is free. Just go to https://www.aseg.org.au/publications/PVCurrent to sign up. You will receive an email alert as soon a new issue of Preview becomes available. Stay informed and keep up-to-date by subscribing now!!NB: ASEG Members dont need to subscribe as they automatically receive an email alert whenever a new issue of Preview is published.55 PREVIEW DECEMBER 2022'