b'Minerals geophysics So, utilisation of geophysical techniquesAbstracts, 2018:1, 1-5, DOI: 10.1071/ for quartz vein detection, to take advantage of petrophysicalASEG2018abM3_1F Unpublished MSc Thesis, University of properties extends well beyond mineralWhite, R., Collins, S., Leslie, K., Oertel,British Columbia.exploration, and we might well look toA. and A. Sloot ,2018. Field trials ofNeishtadt, N. M., Eppelbaum, L. V. and take advantage of experience in otherthe biased heterodyne method ofA. G. Levitski, 2006. Case history disciplines. exploration for sulphide minerals,application of piezoelectric and ASEG Extended Abstracts, 2018:1, 1-7,seismoelectrokinetic phenomena References: Biased heterodyneDOI: 10.1071/ASEG2018abM3_2F in exploration geophysics: Review exploration technique of Russian and Israeli experiences, References: PiezoelectricGeophysics, 71(2), pp B41B5. Oertel, A., Leslie, K., White, R. and S.exploration technique 10.1190/1.2187714Collins, 2018. Laboratory confirmation of non-linear electrical effects inJose, B., 1979. Feasibility of the mineralised rocks, ASEG Extendedpiezoelectric exploration technique 39 PREVIEW DECEMBER 2022'