b'Geophysics in the surveysNewsTable 3.Airborne electromagnetic surveysSurvey name Client ProjectContractor StartLine km SpacingAreaEndFinalLocality diagramGADDS releasemanagement flying AGL Dir (km2) flying data to(Preview)GAWesternGA/ GA XcaliburMar~ 38 000 20 km760 000 OctDecSee Figure 1 inTBAResourcesGSWA Multiphysics 2022 2022 2022 previous section Corridor (GA News)Musgraves GA GA XcaliburJun ~ 22 000 15 km ~ 100 000 AugDecSee Figure 1 inTBAMultiphysics 2022 2022 2022 previous section (GA News)Upper DarlingGA GA SkyTEM Mar25 000 .255 km JunOctSee Figure 1 inhttps://dx.doi.River 2022 2022 2022 previous sectionorg/10.26186 (GA News) /147267Darling- GA GA SkyTEM Jun 14 500 110 km OctDecSee Figure 1 inTBACurnamona- 2022 2022 2022 previous section Delamerian (GA News)EasternGAGA XcaliburApr32 000 20 km 640 000 JulOctSee Figure 1 inOct 2021ResourcesMultiphysics 2021 2021 2021 previous section http://pid.Corridor geoscience.gov.au/dataset/ga/145744AusAEM20 GSWA GA XcaliburAug62 000 20 km 1 240 000 Nov 21 DecSee Figure1 inMar 2022 Multiphysics2020 2021 previous sectionsee http://pid.& SkyTEM (GA News) geoscience.gov.au/dataset/ga/146345TBA, to be advisedTable 4.Magnetotelluric (MT) surveys Location Client State Survey name Total number of MTSpacing Technique Commentsstations deployedNorthernGA Qld/NT Exploring for366 stations50 km Long periodThe survey covers areas of NT and Qld.Australia the Future deployed MT Data package: http://pid.geoscience.gov.au/AusLAMP in 201619 dataset/ga/134997 156 stationsModel: http://pid.geoscience.gov.au/dataset/deployed inga/145233202122 News article: http://www.ga.gov.au/news-events/news/latest-news/exploring-for-the-future-takes-a-deeper-look-at-northern-australiaAcquisition of 32 new sites in SW Qld completed mid-2021, data to be released late 2022 together with additional data planned to be acquired under Exploring for the Future during 2022.AusLAMP GSNSW/NSW AusLAMP NSW ~300 stations50 km Long periodCovering the state of NSW. Acquisition is NSW GA deployed 2016-21 MT essentially complete with fewer than 10 sites remaining to be acquired or reacquired.Phase 1 data release: http://pid.geoscience.gov.au/dataset/ga/132148.CurnamonaGA/GSNSW/ NSW/ Exploring for~100 stations25-12.5Audio andThis survey will extend the University of Province- GSSA/SA the Future -planned 2023 km broadbandAdelaide-AuScope Curnamona Cube MT DelamerianUniversityCurnamonaMT survey from the Curnamona Province into the Orogen of Adelaide Cube Extension Delamerian Orogen.TBA, to be advisedDECEMBER 2022 PREVIEW 16'