b'Branch newsASEG newsASEG branch newsWestern Australia of writing we are looking forward to Sebastian Wongs talk on the creation The Western Australian ASEG Branchof workflows to aid in interpreting the hosted Dr Mustafa Sari from CSIRO atdata acquired during the largest airborne our September Tech Night. He presentedelectromagnetic survey conducted by a talk entitled; Geomechanical andGeoscience Australia. Our thoughts are petrophysical properties of rock salt foralso turning towards what ASEG wine waste disposal or energy/gas storage:or wines to get and other Christmas Frome Rocks Salt Dome. Dr Sariplans. And lastly, we need to find a way introduced a topic that was new to mostto commemorate all that has happened of the ASEG attendeesthe use of saltduring the year.domes for long-term storage of nuclear waste. It was a fascinating trip into theDont forget Geoscience Australias world of geomechanics, which generatedWednesday seminars (https://www.ga.gov.a lot of questions from the geophysicistsau/news-events/events/public-talks). in attendance. These are a good source of geoscientific information that includes the use of The WA Branch (represented by Parthageophysics.Pratim Mandal) also recently hosted an online presentation. On 20 OctoberPhillip WynneThe UNSW crew after Bertas presentation, left to Dr Michinori Asaka from INPEXactpresident@aseg.org.au right: Bhavik Lodhia (Secretary of the ASEG NSW presented a webinar from Tokyo, JapanBranch), Berta Vilacis (University of Munich) and to an eager group of internationalNew South Wales Stuart Clark (UNSW technical officer).attendees, entitled; A predictive anisotropic rock physics model ofThe ASEG NSW Branch had the pleasureof the regolith, b) will full waveform shale and its practical applications. Drof hosting two events in recentelastic inversion rapidly replace Asaka presented an anisotropic shalemonths, both talks generating muchtravel time acoustic tomographic model and described its application todiscussion that had to be continuedinversion and become routine with seismic forward modelling and wellboreover drinks. An international flair wasmost geotechnical investigations, stability analysis. The presentation isadded to our September meeting,and, c) could a detailed analysis of now available to watch on the ASEGwhen Berta Vilacis (University ofthe refraction component of selected YouTube channel. Munich) gave a presentation whilstregional reflection profiles recorded by We were able to change things up forin Sydney and being hosted byGA be useful? This research was applied our October technical event and takeUNSW. Bertas presentation entitled,to an area close to the hearts of many our Tech Night programme out into theEvidence for upper mantle flow in thegeophysicists from New South Wales field. Adam Kroll from AirGeoX gave aAtlantic and Indo-Australian realms Mt Bulga, a massive sulphide ore live demonstration of drone magneticssince the Upper Jurassic from hiatusbody. The presenter sought feedback acquisition at Herdsman Lake. Inmaps and spreading rate changes,from the knowledgeable audience addition to taking the time to explaindiscussed how mantle convectionon the theories of Mt Bulgas origins. the intricacies of drone operations tois an essential driving force of plateThe research demonstrated how an Members, Adam also shouted drinks fortectonics whereby surface deflectionsunderstanding of the regolith is needed the event - thanks AirGeoX! driven by mantle convection createto sustainably manage our natural erosional environments, which induceresources.The second annual MAG symposiumhiatuses in the stratigraphic record. was held on 9 November in Perth.These hiatus surfaces were modelledAn invitation to attend NSW Branch A full write-up and photographs ofand used as a proxy for mantlemeetings is extended to all interstate the symposium will follow in the nextflow induced dynamic topography.and international visitors who happen edition of Preview. This research demonstrates howto be in town at the time. Meetings are studies of lithospheric vertical andgenerally held on the third Wednesday Our Christmas party on 7 Decemberhorizontal motion can be used toof each month from 17:30 at Club York. marks our final event for the year - we willtrack past mantle flow and provideNews, meetings notices, addresses and celebrate the end of 2022 with a relaxedpowerful constraints for adjoint basedrelevant contact details can be found at evening of lawn bowls, we hope to see allgeodynamic inverse models of pastthe NSW Branch website.WA Members there! mantle convection.Darren HuntThe ASEG NSW committee takes this In October, Derecke Palmer (UNSW)opportunity to wish you and your wapresident@aseg.org.au presented his findings on Is therefamilies a very Merry Christmas and a seismic refraction signature forHappy New Year!Australian Capital Territory sulphide mineralisation?. Dereckes talk examined three questions; a) IsStephanie Kovach (President) and Josh The last couple of months has been quietthere a seismic refraction signatureValencic (Social Media Officer) period for the ACT Branch. At the timefor sulphide mineralisation at the basenswpresident@aseg.org.au7 PREVIEW DECEMBER 2022'