b'Crossword Preview crossword #23Is it Christmas \x15me again, already?1234 567 891011121314Across Down3This day gets its name from all the money collected in church alms-boxes for1This reindeer made his debut in 1939 in a giveaway colouring book as part of the poor a marketing gimmick6This was the first song played in space, which was written for Thanksgiving,2 The Latin word natalis, which means day of birth, is the origin of this wordnot Christmas [6,5]7 This cyclone devastated the city of Darwin on Christmas Day 1974 4 The Medieval eggnog8The postcode of Santas North Pole address (in Canada) 5Viscum album or dung on a twig [6,3]10At 225 tonnes, this is the biggest Christmas gift in the world [6,2,7] 9This mythical beast is said to come around at Christmas time to punish naughty children 12 This military installation tracks Santa and provides his flight updates every11 Christmas gifts are usually exchanged on New Years Day in this countryyear on Christmas Eve [Acronym]14 Elf on the Shelf 13Turkey is near impossible to find in Japan, so most Japanese eat this as atraditional meal on Christmas Day [Acronym]Play to win!!Send your answers to previeweditor@aseg.org.au. The first correct entry received from an ASEG Member will win two Hoyts E- CINEGIFT passes. The answers will be published in the next edition of Preview.Good luck!DECEMBER 2022 PREVIEW 56'