b'Geophysics in the surveysNewsMineral Resources Tasmania: Databases available for first timeMineral Resources Tasmania is for the first time making its Samples/Observations and Drilling databases available for download as single packages, as part of a bulk data report. Of particular interest to Preview readers, physical property attributes are also presented as a single consolidated file in conjunction with the corresponding subset of Samples and Observations records. While some property data points are only identified by x-y location coordinates, many have also been attributed with lithostratigraphic unit, lithology and other relevant information such as presence of notable minerals and originating reference.The data have been compiled over time from a range of sources, mainly company exploration reporting, academic research and MRT itself. Of 36 237 open file petrophysical samples extracted and made available in November 2022, 34 520 are from drill core with the balance generally originating from outcrops or mine workings. The majority (26 561) are magnetic susceptibility measurements, with density being the next most common (12 561). However, a significant number have multiple parameter determinations, with any or all of P-wave velocity, S-wave velocity, resistivity, chargeability, gamma radioactivityFigure 1.Heat map of Mineral Resources Tasmania petrophysical sample distribution, overlaid on and thermal properties obtained inGeoscience Australias 1 : 2.5 million geology.addition to density and/or magnetic susceptibility. Most Tasmanianenabling examination of relationshipsdataand documents then Documents geological units are represented in thisto the geochemical and other dataand Reports.more comprehensive subset. Also ofincluded in the package. It can all be note is the presence of 673 remanentdownloaded from the MRT website:Contact Mark Duffett mark.duffett@magnetic intensity determinations,go to https://www.mrt.tas.gov. stategrowth.tas.gov.au with any queries 451 of which also have inclination andau/products/database_searches/ about the petrophysical data, or info@declination NRM data. documents_and_reports and searchmrt.tas.gov.au with any questions Importantly, the petrophysical datafor Report Number BDR2022_01 underregarding the broader bulk data report.are linked through unique sample IDMore Search Options, or from the homeMark Duffett numbers to the Drilling and broaderpage https://www.mrt.tas.gov.au/homeMineral Resources Tasmania Samples & Observations databases,scroll down to Quick links, SEARCHmark.duffett@stategrowth.tas.gov.au19 PREVIEW DECEMBER 2022'