b'ASEG newsPresidents piecePresidents pieceof a decreasing market, which is one thatsquarely aligned with our second aim we have little to no direct impact on nor,as an organisation, which is to foster as a Society, do we have a mandate tofellowship and co-operation between address directly. However, as a membergeophysicists. Id like to recognise organisation of the Australian Geosciencethe important work that the State Council we have avenues for influenceBranches do every day to develop and into policy makers, and we leverage ourenhance this value for our members. For position to do so. example, MAG22 is a phenomenal event developed and driven by the WA Branch, What we do control is our product,benefiting not only Western Australian and in order to drive demand, oneBranch members, but all ASEG Members Emma Brand of the strategic approaches we haveacross the country and overseas. The been focused on this year is creating,vision and energy that the WA Branch Members and readers articulating and delivering exceptionalis bringing to this event is truly creating Member value. Member value is prettyvalue by bringing Members together Can you believe it! The end of the yearpersonal, however it is clear to me thatthrough a compelling platform in which is upon us! It truly feels like we haveMembers first and foremost value thegreat science can be shared. And this barrelled through 2022 at a million milesASEG for access to technical and scientifichappens every day through smaller an hour, navigating all sorts of changescontributions through Explorationevents in every state across Australia, in the industry and the world aroundGeophysics, Preview, monthly technicalwhere our members connect and build us. I hope that you have all managed topresentations and courses, includinga strong community of individuals keep your heads above water and arethe CAGE geophysics field camp. Thesededicated to the enhancement of able to survive the last remaining weeksactivities all align directly with ourgeophysical science.of the year before getting a well-earnednumber one aim as a Society, which is to promote the science of geophysics,There are other reasons why Members summer vacation break. I know that I willjoin the ASEG, these include; obtaining be looking forward to some down timeand specifically exploration geophysics, throughout Australia. a hard copy of Preview, building career with family and friends over the holidayexperience, volunteering, getting access period, resting and recharging for a 2023Exploration Geophysics is our coreto sister societies, getting access early that looks even bigger than 2022! scientific publication, and therefore thebird rates for the AEGC2023 conference Ive spent significant time over the pastquality and usefulness of this science isand, for the first time this year, an 18 months thinking about the future ofparamount. One of the measures of thatASEG Member subscription to Practical geophysics in Australia and subsequentlyis Impact Factor, which is equivalent toGeocommunication by Geologize - an the future of the ASEG, and I wasthe average number of times documentsexciting new addition for Members. delighted to see Tim Dean contribute topublished in a journal/conference inThese benefits all enhance the value that conversation in the last edition ofthe past two years have been cited inproposition of the ASEG and make a Preview, outlining the context that wethe current year. We have seen somecompelling case for membership,find ourselves in, along with some radicalvariability of the Impact Factor of EG solutions to increase membership. Asover recent years, but it is fantastic toUltimately, as an engaged reader, it is a profession, and as a society, we facesee that our current number is 1.1. Thelikely that you have already renewed incredible headwinds and navigatingwork that Mark Lackie as EG Editor, Steveyour ASEG membership for 2023. If you these to ensure our success for theHearn as the Publications Chair and thehave not, I hope that I have made the next 50 years is critical. And we need toPublications Committee do as a whole, iscase for your continued support and that think outside the box to ensure that weincredibly important for the health of theyou choose to allocate some of your hard navigate these challenges in front of us. Society, and Id really like to thank themearned salary to ASEG membership by for their tireless efforts. renewing your membership here!Our declining membership base is a bellAs always, I am open to your thoughts, weather for the health of our SocietyMy sense is that the next most importantfeedback and suggestions, so please and reflects the declining number ofvalue proposition for Members is thedont hesitate to connect.geophysicists due to the contraction ofnetwork and community that is created tertiary geophysical education acrossthrough state branches, the AEGCEmma Brand Australia. In this context we can think ofconference and other events that bringASEG President our membership numbers as the resultour members together. This is alsopresident@aseg.org.au3 PREVIEW DECEMBER 2022'