b'Environmental geophysics Environmental geophysicsWelcome readers to this issuesof the story may be seen to be centred column on geophysics applied toon Denmark, it is not at all hard to see the environment. We are now onthe parallels with Australia, and in fact the final scene of Niels Christensenswith most countries, where competing reminiscences about his career, whichinterests complicate what often seem was largely based at Aarhus Universitylike simple (but important) decisions - in Denmark. I, for one, would like topoliticians are then required to balance thank Niels for giving me, and thethe needs of all constituents (thats the ASEG community, the opportunity totheory anyway). I am more convinced know more about the developmentthan ever that collecting high-quality of geophysics in Denmark, and howdata contributes towards good (better?) his groups local experience hasdecision making. Perhaps not profound, become part of the geophysical scenebut interesting, nevertheless. Over to Mike Hatchworldwide. While this particular partNielsAssociate Editorfor Environmental geophysics michael.hatch@adelaide.edu.auPivotal moments: Seven scenes from a geophysics adventurecollected the discussions under foursoftware package for modelling, data headline questions: processing and inversion of a wide suite of electrical and electromagnetic data What is the status of geophysics informed the basis for Aarhus Geosoftware Denmark? company, now part of Sequence. What about hydrogeology? Aarhus GeoInstruments now manages How do politics and administrationdevelopment, production and marketing affect these fields? of geophysical instrumentation. And what can be expected in theThe Aarhus Geophysics company future? providing inversion products for the industry, and IGIS who specialise in Geophysics visualisation software and machine-Niels B. Christensen aided interpretation options of inversion Unequivocally, we all (at Aarhus) agreeresults, are two more examples. On the Professor Emeritus that the discipline of geophysical Department of Earth Sciences international front, the HydroGeophysics research came out of past efforts withGroup has had and still has PhD Aarhus Universityflying colours. The HydroGeophysics nbc@geo.au.dk students and postdocs from around Group at Aarhus University hasthe world, several of whom bring their developed into an environment forexpertise back to their home countries Scene 7: Sowhat came out of itresearch and development that mustand geophysical institutions. Some all ? be counted among the five best groupsof the larger Danish companies with in the world, and which has received,strong geophysical departments havein which the protagonist and his goodand still receives, international respect.undertaken knowledge and systems colleagues ask the questions: So - howd itIt excels in the study of ground andexport. An example is Rambll who has all go? What came out of the efforts? Whatairborne TEM methods, DC and timea major hydrogeophysical project in is the situation today? And what is neededdomain IP, and MRS, and the applicationCalifornia, USA.in the future? of these disciplines to a wide variety of economical and societal issues:HydrogeologyIn this seventh and last scene, I willlocation and evaluation of groundwater leave the reminiscences of my ownresources, mining, environmentalAs part of the National Groundwater past, turn around, and look at someproblems, geotechnical investigations,Mapping Project, all of the most of the aspects that are important foretc. There has been ongoingimportant aquifers in Denmark were the present and the future situationdevelopment in geophysical hardware,mapped using various geophysical regarding the precious resource ofnew instruments and field practices,methods, combined with borehole groundwater in Denmark. As always, theand software for inversion of collecteddrilling and other selected methods. As future is unknown and the present isdata. Several spinoff companies havea result, there is now a hugely improved more complex than anyone can grasp,come from the group. SkyTEM is a worldknowledge base regarding the presence but I have selected a few themes andleader in airborne TEM. The WorkBenchof groundwater, its vulnerability and DECEMBER 2022 PREVIEW 34'