b'Canberra observed capability of weather forecasting hasof the Australian Energy Market Operator,technology, markets, infrastructure, been reduced. indicated how Australia might get theregovernance and social license. Although in the 2022 Solar Oration at the ANU ondifficult to achieve, he at least showed At a Senate Estimates committee on 287November 2022. one way of getting there. The Figure 1 October 2022, Dr Johnson apologised forindicates how it could be done. It will what happened: He identified five critical factors forbe interesting to see how well reality success in the electricity transition:follows the charts.With the benefit of hindsight clearly the way we went about giving effect to our intentthere will be some significant learnings for us and Ive apologised in my opening statement to this committee and the community if thats caused any uncertainty and angst, and thats a sincere apology,The message here is that, in a science-based organisation, it is vital that the science is emphasised as the core business. Without good science the centre of the agency is hollow.Net Zero emissions - how to get thereA successful transition is one in which the cost and reliability of energy supply are maintained at socially and economically acceptable levels. Drew Clarke, the ChairFigure 1.Australian electricity transitions 19002050. Source: Drew Clarke, ANU Solar Oration 2022.25 PREVIEW DECEMBER 2022'