b'Education matters having a strong interest in geophysicsindustry standard software. The topicgeophysics. Other feedback we got from but limited opportunity for field training,coordinators for each technique were:the attendees included:while seeking an even distribution inDr Teagan Blaikie (magnetics, SGC), Dr terms of geography, gender, backgroundMike Hatch (nanoTEM, University ofThe event was definitely 10 out of 10. and career stage. The result, after someAdelaide), Ian James (seismics, SGC) andWithout exaggeration it is one of the best last-minute COVID withdrawals, was 22Wei Heng (resistivity, GHD). They are toevents I attended for a long time.attendees coming to CAGE from acrossbe commended for their incredible work Australia from a variety of backgrounds,wrangling instruments and softwareComing from a developing country like from geophysics PhD students withand guiding all the attendees to aIndia, during my Masters, getting hands-on strong theoretical knowledge to early- place where they felt comfortable andexperience in acquiring, processing, and career geologists with little training inconfident in each of the techniques. interpreting geophysical data is not possible geophysics. One of the best things aboutat my university due to budget constraints. the Camp was seeing how the attendeesCAGE was rounded out by guest lecturesThis experience made me confident to say pooled their understanding of fieldfrom Anne Tomlinson (SGC), Leon Faulknerthat I am now a geophysicist.practice, geophysical theory, software,(EnviroCopper), Eric Battig (Newcrest),This was a great camp- I feel like I learned geology and petrophysics. They workedand Dr Mike Barlow (GA) on geophysicala semesters worth of geophysics skills in together as really integrated teams in asurvey planning, careers, interpretationa week, and I had a lot of fun and made way that we hope they will continue toand national datasets, as well as a careersgood connections with my peers in the do in throughout their careers, producingnight and a networking night with Drprocess.better results than they could doRichard Lilly (NExUS). Because too much individually. geophysics is never enough, they also gotAlthough it was full on, it was definitely to see demonstrations of GPR (Andrewworth the effort. It was so inspiring We set the attendees a challengingFrost, Flinders University) and MT (Drto hear all the speakers and made me goal: to collect, process, model,Kate Selway, MinEx CRC and Dr Sashaexcited for all the things geophysics can and interpret four different types ofAivazpourporgou, UQ). On the final day ofbe applied to.geophysical data within a week. Thethe camp the attendees used Geoscience field area was Kapunda, South Australia,Analyst to develop interpretations ofThank you to the many people and where EnviroCopper, the University oftheir new integrated geophysical dataset,organisations who helped make CAGE Adelaide and CSIRO are conductingtaking into consideration the rock22 a success. We hope to build on the research into in-situ copper recovery,properties they were imaging and thesuccess of the inaugural Camp for Applied affording us land access, an interestinggeology. Geophysics Excellence by running CAGE field area and some great existingfor many years to come. Please contact geophysical datasets. Over the courseFeedback from the attendees has beenthe authors to register your interest in of two days the attendees collectedextremely positive. 100% of respondentshelping out with CAGE 23.magnetic, nanoTEM, resistivity andsaid that they would recommend the hammer seismic data, before spendingprogramme to their peers, and 75%Kate Brand and Kate Selway another two days learning how togave CAGE the highest possible ratingContinuingeducation@aseg.org.au process and model each dataset usingfor enhancing their understanding ofKate.Selway@unisa.edu.auThe ASEG in social mediaHave you liked/followed/subscribed to our social media channels? We regularly share relevant geoscience articles, events, opportunities and lots more. Subscribe to our Youtube channel for recorded webinars and other content. Email our Communications Chair Mosayeb K. Zahedi at communications@aseg.org.au for suggestions for our social media channels.Facebook: https://www.facebook.com/AustralianSocietyOfExplorationGeophysicistsLinkedIn company page: https://www.linkedin.com/company/australian-society-of-exploration-geophysicists/Twitter: https://twitter.com/ASEG_newsYouTube: https://www.youtube.com/channel/UCNvsVEu1pVw_BdYOyi2avLgInstagram: https://www.instagram.com/aseg_news/ 27 PREVIEW DECEMBER 2022'