b'Geophysics in the surveysNewsExploring for the FutureField technique factsheetsGeoscience Australia has developed a series of simple factsheets (see Figure3 for an example) that describe the various field surveys that Geoscience Australia conducts. They are intended to assist communication with communities impacted by our data acquisition activities. Factsheets on geophysical methods such as AEM, MT, passive seismic, reflection seismic and SMR are included in the collection. The factsheets are available via http://pid.geoscience.gov.au/dataset/ga/147248.Mike Barlow Geoscience Australia Mike.Barlow@ga.gov.auFigure 2.Ground conductivities from the 2022 Upper Darling Floodplain AEM data. Shown here is the layer 9 slice from the inversion, or approximately 16 m below ground surface.Figure 3. Field technique factsheet: AEM fixed wing (http://pid.geoscience.gov.au/dataset/ga/147248).DECEMBER 2022 PREVIEW 14'