b'Executive briefASEG newsExecutive briefThe Federal Executive of the ASEG is theYear to date income: $169 881 will still see his smiling face at future governing body of the ASEG. It meetsYear to date expenditure: $154 122 conferences.once a month via teleconference to deal with the administration of the Society. InNet assets: $1 091 344 Social mediathe normal course of events, the newly elected committee meets for a strategicDue to the lack of branch meetingsStay up to date with all the happenings planning day immediately after the AGM,during the COVID-19 restrictions, theof your Society on social media. You can to determine the strategic focus for thetotal expenditure is well down on theconnect to us on LinkedIn, Facebook coming year. Due to the restrictionsbudgeted amount. and Twitter for all the latest news and surrounding COVID-19, the usual strategyevents.day was not able to be held as a face- Membershipto-face meeting in 2020. The committee has, instead, held three online meetingsAs at 4 September, the Society hadOnline eventsto discuss the important issues currently867 financial Members, comparedFace-to-to face meetings continue to be facing the Society. The three areas ofto 927 at this time last year. Thechallenging in many states, so the ASEG discussion centred around membership,ASEG currently has six Corporatehas continued with the webinar series financials and education, with the focusMembers, including three Corporatewith some interesting talks that have being on innovative ways to attract andPlus Members. A huge thanks to allbeen very well supported by Members. retain members and students, and toour Corporate Members for yourThese have been coordinated and run at develop a sustainable society into thecontinued support in 2020. Dontboth state and federal level. The sessions future in an ever-changing world. forget to have a look for our Corporateare all recorded and available for viewing A key part of the discussions centredMembers on the contents page ofat the ASEG website or on our YouTube around virtual and online access toPreview and support them as much asChannel. The Federal Executive is still information, education, publicationsyou can. Our state branches also havelooking at the possibilities for returning and conferences, which has come to theadditional local sponsors, and theseto face-to-face meetings in those states fore more than ever during the events ofare shown at all branch meetings andwhere it is safe to do so. Keep a look out 2020. The committee agreed that someat the beginning of all webinars. for notifications from your state branches form of virtual aspect is required in allIt is great to see our Societys Membersto see what is coming soon, and get key areas of the Society, and supports thealso taking advantage of the savingsout there and reconnect with your development of virtual/hybrid modelsgained with the 5-year membershipcolleagues.for future events and conferences. Alloptions. Please remember early andWith 2020 marking ASEGs 50th year, the the while, maintaining the underlyingmid-career Members can join thecommittee has lots of interesting events mission of the Society to provide anASEG Young Professionals Networkand promotions planned for the year environment for the science of appliedat www.aseg.or.au/about-aseg/aseg- ahead. The SA/NT branch has finalised geophysics to grow for the benefit of itsyoungprofessionals. the 2020 ASEG Wine offer, and some Members and the wider community. special wines are available, so look for the This following brief reports on theI would like to take this opportunity toflyer in this issue or in your in-box.monthly meeting that was held inthank Archimedes Financial Planning September 2020. If there is anything youfor their long-standing support of theIf there is anything you wish to know wish to know more about, please contactASEG as a Corporate Member. Nollmore about, please contact Leslie at Leslie at fedsec@aseg.org.au. Moriarty, Principal of Archimedes, hasfedsec@aseg.org.au.decided to retire after 30 years in the industry. Noll was a Board Member of Finances the ASEG Federal Executive from 1996-98 and was elected President in 1998.Leslie AtkinsonThe Societys financial position at the endNoll will now have more time to pursueASEG Secretaryof August was: his love of Spanish, but assures us wefedsec@aseg.org.au3 PREVIEW OCTOBER 2020'