b'Geophysics in the SurveysNewsFigure 2.Map showing the location of the Kidson seismic line that extends from the Aileron Province in the east to the Pilbara craton in the west.Access via the primary GA portal soAileron Province with a veneer ofof Victoria, the Geological Survey of that most of the other GA-deliveredNeoproterozoic rocks of the AmadeusSouth Australia, and the University of datasets can be easily viewed andBasin. The line passes close to the TelferAdelaide and use equipment provided extracted mine and provides an insight into theby AuScope/ANSIR and Geoscience With further development, the capacitycrustal architecture of this major Au-Cu- Australia.to deliver n-dimensional and time-seriesAg deposit.data sets including AEM and airborneThe interpretation of the pre- Magnetotelluric data from phase one gradiometry will be enhanced. Phanerozoic basement geology alongof the New South Wales programme the seismic profile is now availablehave recently been made available There are some minor changes to befrom the WA Department of Mines,(Kyi et al. 2020). These data, together made, but we are still on track to deliverIndustry Regulation and Safetywith Victorian (Duan and Kyi 2018) and the new platform this year. Stay tuned! eBookshop. A description of theSouth Australian (Robertson et al 2016) basement interpretation, as well as anAusLAMP data have been inverted interpretation of the Kidson Sub-basin ofto produce a 3D resistivity model Basement interpretation fromthe Canning Basin, can be found in the(Kirkby 2020), which is providing new Kidson Sub-basin 2D seismicEFTF extended abstracts volume: https:// insights into the tectonic evolution of survey www.ga.gov.au/eftf/extended-abstracts,the southeast Australian lithosphere. with contributions by Doublier et al. andThe key findings provided by the Deep seismic reflection line 18GA-KB1Southby et al, respectively. For furthermodel are discussed in a paper in the (Figure 2) was acquired by Geoscienceinformation contact Michael Doublierjournal Tectonophysics (Kirkby et al Australia and the Geological Survey of(GA) on 02 6249 9697 or Klaus Gessner2020). An important result is that the Western Australia as part of the Exploring(GSWA) on 08 9222 3631. model images conductive regions at for the Future (EFTF) programme and theand below the base of the crust (35 Exploration Incentive Scheme. The line haskm depth), which may represent fossil a total length of 872 km, stretching fromfluid pathways along the Australian 30 km west of the Kiwirrkurra communityNew AusLAMP results in southeastcontinental margin 440 to 380 million in the east, to 20 km east of Marble Bar atAustralia years ago (Figure 3). The geometry and its western end. extent of these deep conductive regions The Australian Lithospheric Architecturematch those revealed in the upper crust The line images the Kidson Sub-basin ofMagnetotelluric Project (AusLAMP)by potential field and passive seismic the Canning Basin, and a diverse rangeis a collaborative project betweendata, and match the crustal architecture of basement geology units (from westGeoscience Australia, State geologicalpredicted by the Lachlan Orocline to east): the Palaeo- to Mesoarcheansurveys, and universities, which aims tomodel for the evolution of the southern Pilbara Craton; the Neoarchean tocollect long-period magnetotelluric dataTasmanides (Cayley et al 2012, Moresi earliest Palaeoproterozoic Fortescueon a half-degree (55 km) grid acrossetal 2014, Musgrave 2015). Conductive and Hamersley Basins; Neoproterozoicthe Australian continent. Several newregions in the lower crust also correlate metasedimentary rocks that form part ofAusLAMP products have recently beenwith known gold deposits, which may the Paterson Orogen (Yeneena Basin andpublished in southeast Australia. Thehelp to guide future mineral exploration Gibson Sub-basin of the Officer BasinAusLAMP programmes in New Southin southeast Australia.and the Palaeo- to MesoproterozoicWales, Victoria and South Australia are Rudall Province); unexposed sub- collaborations between GeoscienceThe AusLAMP model of New South Canning basement of uncertainAustralia, the Geological Survey of NewWales and Victoria overlaps with a affiliation; and the PalaeoproterozoicSouth Wales, the Geological Surveymodel of the Delamerian Orogen OCTOBER 2020 PREVIEW 18'