b'WA ASEG-PESA Annual Golf ClassicASEG newsWA ASEG-PESA Annual Golf ClassicThe 33rd West Australian ASEG-PESAintervention and prevention, specialistHigh-quality education for Annual Golf Classic is being held at thechild advocacy services, and servicesprofessionals on the prevention, Secret Harbour Golf Course on Fridayto support young people. Last yearimpacts and treatment of complex 13 November 2020. The event is one ofthey provided services to some 10 000trauma.the most pleasant and well-attendedchildren, young people and their familiesThese services are delivered by a large resource exploration industry golfin metropolitan and regional WA. team of specialised psychologists and tournaments held in WA, with recentsocial workers but, without funding, years enjoying attendances of 100 plusIn particular Parkerville Children andthese services would not exist and players. It is a day of fun, frivolity, andYouth Care support the WA communitychildren would be unable to receive the camaraderie with competitions, prizes,by providing: proper care and treatment they deserve.auctions and raffles. There is still plenty of time to register although, sadly, givenSafe, nurturing and healing homes forIn September 2020, Parkerville launched current border restrictions only Westernchildren and young people who aretheir latest campaign Stand with Us Australians can attend. unable to live with their families; to provide vital funding for their Child This year, for the fourth year, theSpecialist mental health services forAdvocacy and Therapeutic Services in WA ASEG-PESA Annual Golf Classicchildren, young people and adults whoWA. They ask everyone in community will be partnering with Parkervillehave experienced trauma; to Stand with Us, behind all children, Children and Youth Care. Last year theReparative experiences with trustingespecially those who have experienced tournament raised $3000 for this charity,and safe relationships that allowtrauma from abuse. If you would like to the equivalent to providing therapeuticchildren, young people and familiessupport the children Parkerville serve, support for 12 months to a child who hasto heal from the harmful impacts ofthen please contact their Fundraising experienced trauma from abuse. And, wetrauma; and Philanthropy Manager, Jessica aim to do better this year. Multiagency integrated services toCook, at jcook@parkerville.org.au or on support children, young people and089235 7030.Parkerville Children and Youth Caretheir families from first disclosures of (www.parkerville.org.au) advocatetrauma until such time as our servicesParkerville Children and Youth Care are for, and provide specialist care andare no longer required; grateful to the ASEG-PESA Annual Golf services to, those most vulnerable inA specialist education and employmentClassic organising committee for raising the WA community, including children,program for young people who findawareness and funds for their cause. In young people and families who havemainstream schooling challenging; particular they thank Helen Debenham, experienced trauma. They would beSupport to help families find theirKelly Arnett, Andrew Fitzpatrick and unable to carry out this incrediblystrengths, connect with family,Scott Moore. Parkerville Children and important work without the support ofcommunity and culture so they canYouth Care would also like to take this a generous community of donors andthrive and stay safe together; opportunity to thank the very generous supporters. Education and early intervention tosponsors and raffle prize donators that the community so they can be betteralso help make the annual tournament Parkerville Children and Youth Careinformed and help their childrensuch a successful event. Specifically, they began as an orphanage in 1903, anddevelop their full potential and staywould like to acknowledge the continued continues to deliver therapeutic outsafe; support of Platinum and Gold sponsors; of home care, foster care, clinical andSpecialist services to young peopleDUG, Wireline Services Group, HiSeis therapeutic services, family support, earlywho are experiencing homelessness; and Searcher Seismic.Participants in the 2017 ASEG-PESA Annual Golf Classic11 PREVIEW OCTOBER 2020'