b'Branch newsASEG newsASEG Branch newsAustralian Capital Territory between NSW and Victoria and NSW andinformation will be sent out when there Queensland are still closed (dependingcan be more certainty around timing for The Canberra Bubble has kept our ACT- on which direction you are travelling). the launch event.fold COVID-free for several months now,so who knows when that will be.and we trust that all ASEG Members areThe Queensland Branch also hopes to also virus free. Frosts, fogs and sub-zeroOver the last couple of months werestart face-to-face events in October mornings are making way for springhave had one speaker who gave theirwith a delayed Trivia Nightkeep an eye blossom across the Capital. All is looking up! presentation via Zoom. Bob Musgrave,out for more details.from Geological Survey of NSW, gave August saw one of our ACT colleagues,a talk called State of the Arc: Long- Ron Palmer Dr Alison Kirkby, provide an updatewavelength geophysics and Macquarieqldpresident@aseg.org.auon AusLAMP results and interpretationArc basement. Bob walked us through across the Tasmanides (the data werehis understanding of the basement of theSouth Australia & Northern Territoryacquired as the result of a collaborationOrdovician Macquarie Arc, which hosts between GA, GSNSW, GSV and GSSA).world-class Cu-Au mineralisation. BobWith the restrictions slowly easing in SA, While privy to the significance of thesediscussed long-wavelength magnetic,the local branch has been coming out of investigations in my team at GA, it isgravity, MT and seismic features, notinghibernation. The various ASEG webinars great to see what were previously oftenthat understanding those data is key toon offer either live or from the ASEG considered to be adjunctive solid-earthreconciling tectonic models, geochemistry,Videos YouTube channel have, however, geophysics datasets now being utilisedand geochronology of the arc. Manykept us all entertained during lockdownas key drivers for mineral systemsquestions were asked and answered. The ASEG SA/NT Branch was happy to understanding. As with airborne magneticMark Lackiesponsor the Science Student Networking or ground gravity coverage, GA and thenswpresident@aseg.org.auNight on the August 20 at the Belgium State collaborative partners are committedBeer Caf. Over 50 science students and to seeing the detailed continentalStephanie Kovach coverage of AusLAMP completed. nswsecretary@aseg.org.auIn September, Rod Paterson of IntrepidQueenslandGeophysics presented the background to 2.5D AEM inversion, with the advantagesThe Queensland ASEG would like to over 1D inversion eloquently illustratedshare our support for all Members through several case studies from ironin Queensland and other states that ore to base metal deposits throughoutcontinue to be devastated by the effects Australia. The work of his team highlightsof the COVID-19 pandemic.the pitfalls of making interpretationsPlans are underway to resurrect the from the basic inversions often providedQueensland Cross-Industry Mentoring by contractors. Rod also highlightedProgramme, a joint initiative between the common inversion difficulties associatedQLD ASEG and an alphabet soup of like-with IP effects, superparamagneticminded industry groups, including FESQ, material (SPM), and sharp resistivityPESA, QUPEX and SPE. Like so many otherASEG President Elect Kate Robertson speaking at contrasts. Note that, due to a minorevents and initiatives this year, morethe SA/NT Science Student Networking Night.technical hitch, the presentation was delivered and recorded in draft mode. However, Rod has very kindly offered to re-record it in full-screen animation given the amount of interest created.Many thanks to our local and guest speakers for sharing their work with us, and we look forward to a packed presentation schedule leading up to ChristmasMarina Costelloeactpresident@aseg.org.auNew South WalesWe trust all ASEG Members are virus free and finding heaps to do as we all wait for the new normal to happenalthough, as we type this, the bordersThe SA/NT Science Student Networking Night in full swing.OCTOBER 2020 PREVIEW 8'