b'Editors desk Editors deskIn this issue our best of series, markingOur Geological Surveys continue toBouguer. Mick Micenko (Seismicwindow) the 50th anniversary of the establishmentoutdo themselves in terms providingintroduces work being done by CSIRO, of the Australian Society of Explorationboth new and re-worked geophysicalincluding our own Marina Pervukhina, Geophysicists, continues with a selectionsurvey data. Every issue of Previewon automatic facies classification for made by Dr Annetts, the current Presidentpresents a feast in that regard and, asseismic inversion. Tim Keeping (Data of the ASEG. Davids selection is themost the data is freely available, there istrends) has a crack at wavelet transforms, penultimate selection in this series that I,no excuse for idle hands! and Ian James (Webwaves) pokes his for one, have found most intriguing. WeAs well as updating us on Canberranose into the IT initialisms.also have a second feature in which Rogerpolitics, David Denham (CanberraEnjoy!Henderson muses about the life and timesobserved) wonders whether oil is of Pierre Bouguer a man whose nameheaded the same way as coal. Terry is pretty much constantly on the lips onHarvey (Mineral geophysics) reviewsLisa Worrallanyone working with gravity data. gravity data corrections, incidentallyPreview EditorOne of our Corporate Plus sponsors,reminding us of the importance ofprevieweditor@aseg.org.auTotal Seismic, has accepted our standing invitation to tell ASEG Members more about the services they provide. Their article focuses on onshore seismic data acquisition and reviews some of the recent advances in the field. These advances have resulted in the cost of data acquisition falling at the same time as the speed of data acquisition is increasing. Partly as a consequence of these trends, Total Seismic reports that its client base is diversifying and now includes engineers and environmental managers. The apparent growth in the application of geophysics to engineering and environmental problems is particularly welcome at a time when petroleum exploration is in decline as the supply of oil overwhelms demand, and some of our colleagues are finding that they need to consider new markets for their geophysicalThe Editor getting up close and personal with granites that have intruded the Hodgkinson Formation in the skills. Hodgkinson Province in far North Queensland.Vale: Patrick HillsdonPat as he was better known to all his colleagues and friends, was a good mate to them all. Already news of his sudden passing, at home in Bowral on 11 September, is generating fond memories from many of us.Pat was a great supporter of the functions of the ASEG from its early days and in particular in helping to organise the conferences. In his happier times he enjoyed the social events associated with them. He was always helpful to others with his better knowledge and experience.A full obituary is in preparation and contributions will be welcomed. Contact Roger Henderson at rogah@tpg.com.au.1 PREVIEW OCTOBER 2020'