b'Geophysics in the SurveysNewsDelamerian Orogen from AusLAMP magnetotelluric data model can be visualised on SARIG from surficial depths to 400 km, noting that 10 km-200 km are the most reliable depths (Figure 2).The model can be downloaded as a package via SARIG (search Delamerian AusLAMP Project Area) and Geoscience Australias website in a variety of formats suitable for various different software. The model was produced using long-period AusLAMP magnetotelluric data on a 0.5 degree array across eastern South Australia, New South Wales and Victoria. The project was a collaboration between the Geological Survey of South Australia and Geoscience Australia, and was released as part of a larger data package covering the GSSA/MinEx CRC Delamerian National Drilling Initiative project area.Kate Robertson and Stephan Thiel,Geological Survey of South AustraliaAlison Kirby and Jingming Duan,Geoscience AustraliaKate.Robertson2@sa.gov.auFigure 2.Resistivity slice of Delamerian AusLAMP model at 40 km depth. Black triangles are MT site locations.27 PREVIEW OCTOBER 2020'