b'Geophysics in the SurveysNewsan improved situational awareness following significant earthquakes. More broadly, the improved understanding of the seismicity of the Southwest of Western Australia will enhance emergency response capabilities, and inform building codes and mitigation initiatives, which are the best methods we have to minimise the earthquake risks to communities.Data will be released through AusPASS, the Australian Passive Seismic Server two years after the last data has been collected.Ruth Murdie, Klaus Gessner, Meghan Miller, Michelle Salmon, Huiayu Yuan, Justin Whitney, Stephen Gray and Trevor AllenGeological Survey of Western AustraliaAustralian National UniversityMacquarie UniversityDepartment of Fire and Emergency ServicesGeoscience Australiaruth.murdie@dmirs.wa.gov.auReferencesFigure 3.Location of the SWAN seismometers in relation to the permanent networks and the earthquake activity in the south west of Western Australia. Clark, D. J., S. Brennand, G. Brenn, M. C. Garthwaite, J. Dimech, T. I. Allen, and S. Standen. 2020. Surface deformation relating to the 2018 Lake Muir earthquake sequence, southwest Western Australia: new insight into stable continental region earthquakes. Solid Earth 11: 691717. doi: 10.5194/se-11-691-2020.Clark, D., and M. Edwards, 2018. 50th anniversary of the 14th October 1968 M W6.5 (M S6.8) Meckering earthquake: Australian Earthquake Engineering Society pre-conference field trip, Meckering, 15 November 2018. In Geoscience Australia Record 2018/39, Canberra, doi: 10.11636/Record.2018.039.Dent, V. 2015. Clustered seismicity in the Southwest Australia Seismic Zone, 2014-2015. In 10th Pacific Conference on Earthquake Engineering, Sydney: NSW.Gordon, F. R., and J. D. Lewis. 1980. The Meckering and Calingiri earthquakes October 1968 and March 1970. Western Australia Geological Survey Bulletin 126: 229.Johnston, J. F., and S. R. White. 2018. Understanding the Meckering earthquake, Western Australia, 14 October 1968. Geological Survey of Figure 4.Installing a station in the SWAN network. Western Australia, 26.29 PREVIEW OCTOBER 2020'