b'Branch newsASEG newseight ASEG Members attended. Ourevening should get in touch with me atThis second lockdown has been very own ASEG President Elect, Katetaspresident@aseg.org.au bitterly confronting. The nightly Robertson, gave a presentation on hercurfew from 8 pm is eerie. The streets career as a geophysicist, followed by aare frighteningly quiet as if as though Q&A panel discussion with questions4.97million inhabitants have suddenly, from the students. The night was a hugein unison, vanished from the city. I success, with the local ASEG Membersfeel as if an unearthly supernatural actively promoting careers in geophysicspresence pervades our city every night. to the undergraduate science students. Not even sounds from animals can be On the August 28 the SA/NT Branchheard. It is as if they too are bound by hosted our annual wine tasting night. Thethis restriction. If anyone has been to wine selection was as good as it has everAdelaide, and I will assume most of been, with clear winners in the red andyou have, then you will understand my white categories. The winning selectionsmisgivings. Adelaide has had an 8 pm to are now on offer to all ASEG Members as5 am curfew for the past 184 years, so I part of the 2020 Annual ASEG Wine Offer.probably shouldnt complain so much More details of the wine offer can be foundEvery day in lockdown usually plays in this issue or at www.aseg.org.au/2020- out the same. I can leave the house for aseg-wine-offer. A massive thank you toTara Martin, guest speaker at the Tasmanian Branchone hour each day to exercise. I can the SA wineries that participated in the50th anniversary dinner to be held in Novemberleave the house for one hour each day wine selection this year! (photo courtesy of Tara Martin). to go on a supply run. If I undertake Your committee members are currentlyeach privilege in sequence, I can make searching for topics of interest for our pub- Meeting notices, details about venuesit feel like half the day is gone. But that night technical talks, which will be startingand relevant contact details can also beis all. My ankle has been hurting today, up again soon and hopefully televised (orfound on the Tasmanian Branch pagewhich is not a sign of COVID, but it added later to the YouTube channel) foron the ASEG website. As always, wedoes not make me less paranoid. I am the benefit of all Members.encourage Members to keep an eye ontempted to leave the house to seek the seminar/webinar programme at themedical attention, but I hastily reach On November 3 the local branch willUniversity of Tasmania / CODES, whichfor the whisky instead. be hosting our annual Melbourne Cuproutinely includes presentations of aAh, thats better. I am humbled at the Luncheon, this year combined with ageophysical and computational nature asthought that something which is one-celebration of the ASEGs first 50 years. Thewell as on a broad range of earth sciencesbillionth our size is beating us, and venue is TBC, but join us for a fun day withtopics. it is winningfor now. Admittedly, prizes for best dressed, and the CalcuttaMark Duffettall those years of being a withdrawn, sweep. taspresident@aseg.org.au reclusive introvert with no social life We couldnt host these fantastic eventsand very few friends have prepared me without the valued support of ourThe Victorian quarantine diaries well for this second lockdown.sponsors. The SA/NT Branch is sponsoredI am building a time-machine, if you must by Beach Energy, Oz Minerals, VintageDay 42 know. I plan on taking the inaugural flight Energy, Minotaur Exploration andI greeted the day with a double Irishto the future, to the year 2050 to be exact, Heathgate Resources. coffee at sunriseminus the coffee. Tojust like Biff Tannen did in Back to the Ben Kaybe honest, I have not been to bed sinceFuture II, where in a stroke of genius, he sa-ntpresident@aseg.org.au the day before yesterday. Still, I cannotpurchased a copy of Grays Sports Almanac remember the last time I watched ato bring with him from the year 2000 back sunrise. Todays viewing was special asto 1955. Of course, I will use it to help the Tasmania over the past week the days appear toVictorian branch fund the next group of In late-breaking news, the Tasmanianhave effortlessly morphed into one veryinspirational speakers I intend to bring to Branch will be holding a dinnerlong subdued confrontation. The sun,our technical meeting nights when all this celebrating the 50th anniversary of thein an astronomical attempt to depleteis over, whenever that may be.ASEG, on Friday 20 November 2020.its supply of hydrogen by fusing itselfIn the meantime, I take pleasure in The featured speaker, Dr Tara Martin,into helium, ejects photonic packetswelcoming Dr Nathan Gardiner to Research Group Leader at CSIRO Hobartof energy that take 8 minutes and 19the Victorian ASEG committee as your and formerly of the British Antarcticseconds to travel through the vastnew branch secretary. I may have Survey, will regale us with geophysicalemptiness of interplanetary space beforeto plead guilty to perjury in getting tales in between three delicious courses,arriving here. The least I could do washim to agree to sit on the committee. served at the University Club in Sandy Bay.make myself available for irradiationThis is not a paying position, Nathan. by its primordial light. It was veryI am sorry it had to be this way. But Complete details are yet to be finalisedoverwhelming. It was also providenceI will let you in on a sports tipPort at the time of writing, however allthat I had not bothered to replace theAdelaide will win the 2020 AFL Tasmanian Members will receive anbedsheets after washing them the othergrand finalmuch to everyones invitation including these details inday, otherwise I would not be sitting heredisappointment.short order. Anyone else who might beon the front veranda at sunrise writing of able to join us for what will be a greatmy enlightenment. Great scott! Oh, this will be heavy.9 PREVIEW OCTOBER 2020'