b'Geophysics in the SurveysNewsGeoscience Australia: GADDS release, Kidson Sub-basin 2D seismic survey and new AusLAMP resultsIn collaboration with our State2020 GADDS Release: OctoberNETCDF archiving and file formatting Agency partners of Western Australia,update sitting behind itSouth Australia, Northern Territory,Nearly 69% of the beta testers saying that Queensland, New South Wales, VictoriaWe didnt quite make the public releasethey came across few issues in searching and Tasmania, FY21 geophysicalof GAs Geophysical Archive and Dataand downloading the data. Well done surveying has kicked off and/or is in theDelivery System (GADDS) for thisto the various GA informatics and data final throes of planning. This includesmonths Preview. We have, however,scientists that have laboured over the AusAEM20 AEM surveying acrossreceived very good feedback from anew system for the last 12 months.southern Western Australia (6000 linegroup of dedicated public beta testers, km completed as of 10 September),including: Whilst reiterating from last issue of the Mundi AEM survey programmePreview, the new GADDS will bring:(contractor being chosen), the TasmaniaMore than 60% of the users saying Tiers magnetic/radiometric surveythat the new GADDS system wasAn improved graphical/GISbased (25 000 line km to be acquired as aintuitive for a first-time user andinterface, facilitating the choice of combination of rotary and fixed-wingeasy to navigate. The average overalldatasetplatforms) and a high resolution 46 000experience rating provided by testersSuperior data selection criteria and line km magnetic/radiometric surveyonline was almost 4 out of 5. data extraction speedsplanned for the Cobar District of NSWMany of the testers mentioning thatEnhanced pre-delivery filtering later in the year. Further details arethe GADDS 2.0 system is much quickerincluding data age, grid spacing, presented in Figure 1 and in the tablesto search and download data. This is nore-gridding algorithm, survey location that follow. doubt a function of the more efficientand data type, to name just a fewFigure 1.2018 -2021 geophysical surveyscompleted, in progress or planned by Geoscience Australia in collaboration with State and Territory agencies, including the proposed airborne gravity survey area, Victoria. Editors note: For more information about this proposed airborne gravity survey see the article by the Geological Survey of Victoria elsewhere in this issue.17 PREVIEW OCTOBER 2020'