b'Branch newsASEG newsa key mentoring programme is nowyears event will be held on November 13, restarting.Registration for the 2020/2021which means there is still plenty of time Joint Industry Mentoring Programme hasto register.now (re)opened. If you previously applied to be a mentor / mentee in 2020, there isWA was proud to provide a webinar no need to reapply - well get in touch. byAnkita Singh on October 1. The talk is entitled "Grayscale representative For those not yet involved, please do goelementary volumes: An innovative ahead and sign up to be a part of thisapproach to investigate pore-scale excellent programme, which enrichesREVs from raw micro-CT images". It both the mentee and the mentor andwas a very good talk and very well often forms rewarding long lastingreceived.bonds and relationships. Contributions from mentors and mentees alike canWA is also happy to report that have an enormous impact on theour local Shearwater manager has development of professionals andpromised us an interesting talk in by extension create a legacy to ourNovember. Watch your email and our industry. website for details.For the first time, the Joint IndustryLastly, Im really pleased to announce Mentoring initiative is offering variousthatDarren Hunt will be taking on sponsorship packages for the 2020the role of Treasurer in WA next year. programme. Full details about availableAnd a very big thanksto the out-going options are on our website. treasurer, Matthew Cooper, who has Thong HuynhThe WA ASEG-PESA annual Golftime and again provided solid support vicpresident@aseg.org.au Tournament is also on this year. This yearfor the WA team!is the fourth year of our partnership withStay safe!Western Australia the Parkerville Children & Youth Care charity, which is a great cause. More Due to the low COVID-19 cases ininformation about the Parkerville charityTodd Mojesky WA,ASEG WA is pleased to announcethatfollows this edition of Branch news. Thiswapresident@aseg.org.auASEG national calendarDate Branch Event Presenter Time VenueASEG Branch face-to-face meetings have resumed in SA, WA and Tasmania. All other State Branch meetings are on hold till further notice. Most branches are still hosting webinars. Registration is open to Members and non-members alike, and corporate partners and sponsors of state branches are acknowledged before each session. Recorded webinars are uploaded to the ASEGs website (https://www.aseg.org.au/aseg-videos), as well as to the ASEGs YouTube channel (https://bit.ly/2ZNgIaZ). Please monitor the Events page on the ASEG website for information about upcoming webinars and other on-line events03 Nov SA/NT Melbourne Cup Lunch TBA TBA13 Nov WA ASEG-PESA Annual Golf Classic TBA Secret Harbour, Perth20 Nov TAS ASEG 50th Anniversary Dinner Tara Martin TBA University Club, Sandy Bay, HobartTBA, to be advisedOCTOBER 2020 PREVIEW 10'