b'IndustryNewsThere are, however, major strategic risks with high production reflection seismic surveys. Lightweight node and simultaneous sweep technology make the design and acquisition of a land seismic survey far more complex. Project planning has become a careful balancing act involving receiver movement logistics, deciding whether to surface plant or bury receivers, when and how to roll spread without harvesting, choosing the right numbers of people, receivers and sources, designing sweeps and simultaneous sweep parameters, careful selection of micro-parameters including point spacing, choosing macro-parameters that reduce pressure on the line crew and a number of other operational andFigure 4.Simultaneous vibroseis sweep seismic data acquisition is now standard in Australia.contractual factors. These are all inter-related and getting the balance wrong can lead to severe consequences forthat the project is delivered with highthe extent of the step-change in onshore project feasibility, data quality and cost.performance. seismic data value, to understand the The introduction of concepts such asgreater diversity of seismic applications compressive sensing and full waveformThe results of Total Seismics leadingwhich are now possible, and to take full inversion add further complexity,work to maximise the value of modernadvantage with aggressive exploration opportunities and risks to the modernland reflection seismic projects speakand resource mapping strategies.onshore seismic project. for themselves. We have helped coal clients to achieve more than 400Our clients engagement of our services To control all of these risks andvibration points per hour. We haveand willingness to take on new ideas maximise opportunities and value fordesigned cost-optimised, rich azimuth- has helped the step-change in value a land seismic project, it is critical tooffset, super-high data density surveysof land seismic data to be maximised, have the technical expertise, softwarefor petroleum clients to acquire dataand we are thankful to our clients for and project delivery experience forfor reservoir characterisation andtheir continued work. For those who we modern seismic data acquisition. Atdirect hydrocarbon indication. We havehave not yet supported, we encourage Total Seismic we use our Titan suiteused innovative nodal survey designsyou to get in contact to discuss how to of geophysics software to customisearound mine infrastructure to imagetake most advantage of cutting edge survey design, data analysis/processingcomplex mineral geology. For manyseismic and non-seismic exploration. and equipment assurance to getprojects that Total Seismic are involvedOur website www.totalseismic.com has the most out of the modern seismicin, we have designed or deliveredmore information about Total Seismic, operation. We have worked hard tosurveys which achieve high qualityincluding a detailed description of understand and optimise specific issuesdata at less than half of the productionour services, the industry sectors we that can each have a major impact oncost expected by our client. Thesupport, some of our research and data value, such as developing softwarecombination of new nodal technologydevelopment projects, examples of to improve receiver productivity by 20%,and Total Seismics technical expertise,past work, client testimonials and other understanding where, when and how toproject delivery experience andgeneral content.surface plant or bury nodes, examiningcustom tools is providing a step- Heres to new technology, innovation legacy data to get point spacingchange in the value of Australias landand a bright future for the Australian exactly right, and vibroseis sourceseismic data. exploration geophysics sector!expertise following extensive sweep and simultaneous sweep parameterLooking to the futuretesting (Figure 4). We have developed aReferencesseries of geophysics workflows to ensureSo where do we go from here? For Total that we understand the possible andSeismic, the achievements to date areBattig, E., H. Schijns, M. Grant, and required data quality of a new projectjust the start: our team of specialistsN. Millar. 2019. High-productivity, and that we obtain the optimal dataare working hard on a number of newhigh-resolution 3D seismic surveys as productively and cost-effectivelyresearch and development projectsfor open-cut coal operations. ASEG as possible. We track and control datathat aim to further increase the valueExtended Abstracts 2019 no. 1: 14. quality, productivity, schedule and costof seismic and non-seismic data. ForDOI:10.1080/22020586.2019.1207through the life of the project to ensureOperator companies, it is vital to realise3028.OCTOBER 2020 PREVIEW 16'