b'Committees ASEG Newsprograms, including increased supportas Fellow of ATSE (FTSE) in 1998. InBrian joined the Society of Exploration for science and technology in secondary2003 he was awarded the AustralianGeophysicists (SEG) in 1972 and was and tertiary education. Centenary Medal for his contributionsacknowledged for his outstanding Brians leadership positions in ANSTOto Geoscience. Brian also madeservice in many capacities, including a and then CSIRO Exploration & Mining,substantial science contributions interm as 1st Vice President (2003-2004) provided the platforms for his passionenvironmental and climate scienceand Secretary-Treasurer (1996-1997) with for advocacy of great science influencingthrough the Royal Society of Newthe award of SEG Life Membership in good government policy outcomes. South Wales and was elected as Fellow1996.(FRSN) in 2016. Brians geoscience career and his A great example of Brians contributionAbove all else, Brians most importantinnovations and contributions to to leading strong science evidence,legacy to geoscience and to successfulexploration geophysics, particularly informing national science debate andexploration and discovery has beenas one of the pioneers of Transient influencing good policy outcomes wasthrough his forty eminent and well-citedElectromagnetics (TEM) as well as his co-leadership of the Project Reviewscholarly papers in refereed geosciencehis contributions to other areas of Team on Review of Salinity Mappingjournals, many book chapters andscience, have been brilliant and Methods in the Australian Context,over thirty other papers and articles intransformative. He remained an active which evaluated a range of methods,geoscience publications and conferencegeoscience collaborator and advocate including airborne and ground EMproceedings. In addition, Brians inspiringfor the importance of science in our systems, for mapping the extent andinitiatives and leadership in establishingmodern society, with significant late-severity of dryland salinity. over 30 national and internationalcareer contributions in the field of In 2004 Brian was appointed Scienceworkshops at the fore-front of researchenvironmental and climate science, until Manager and later Principal Scientist,and the application in geophysicala few months before he died.Sustainability and Climate Change, inexploration technology, environmental the Sydney Catchment Authority. It wasgeophysics, reservoir characterisationBrian was greatly admired for his during his time in SCA that Brian beganand trends in science management, hasachievements both in Australia and working in climate science. produced ground-breaking conferenceinternationally by his peers and proceedings and workshop publicationscolleagues. He leaves an extraordinary In Brians later career he was highlythat have formed a core part of thelegacy of achievement beyond the respected as a science advocate forindustrys reference works on electricalscience of exploration geophysics. His the broader integration of science- and electromagnetic explorationAustralian and international science technology-engineering andgeophysics. partners, friends and colleagues all mathematics in modern research,speak of him with the highest praise education, and formulation ofThroughout his professional life, Brianand with reverence for his achievements government policy. His co-authorship inremained a strong supporter of the ASEG,and contributions and his inclusiveness 2012 of a major report on Sustainablewhich he joined as a student in 1970.and openness sharing new ideas and Water ManagementSecuring AustraliasHis active participation in the Societyknowledge.Future in a Green Economy produced aculminated in his distinguished service visionary roadmap for Australias futureas ASEG President in 1999-2000, usingIt is especially pleasing to be able make water management. his position at that time as Director ofan award of the ASEG Gold Medal in CRC AMET and his international expertthe ASEGs 50th year to one of the During this period Brian also madestanding in TEM to promote AustraliasSocietys longest-serving and committed huge contributions through theinnovations and breakthroughs inMembers, who was also a distinguished Australian Academy of Technology andthe science of mineral explorationcontributor throughout his life to the Engineering (ATSE) and was electedgeophysics. science and practice of geophysics.Nominations open for the 2021 ASEG Honours & AwardsA reminder to all Members thatOutstanding contributions and serviceFor further information, preliminary nominations are open for the 2021 ASEGto the ASEG expressions of potential nominations, awards, to be presented in conjunctionRecognition of innovativeand submission of nominations, please with the AEGC 2021, 15-20 Septembertechnological developments contact: 2021, Brisbane, Australia.Promotion of geophysics to the widerAndrew MuttonAll ASEG Members as well as Statecommunity ASEG Honours and Awards and Federal executives are invited toSignificant achievements by youngerCommitteeChairnominate those they consider deservingASEG Membersawards@aseg.org.auof these awards. Award categoriesLists of previous awardees, award criteria include: and nomination guidelines can be found Outstanding contributions to theon the ASEG website at: https://aseg.org.geophysical profession au/honours-and-awards OCTOBER 2020 PREVIEW 6'